Women’s Fashion: Country Style Wardrobe Staples

Women pay great attention to their clothing because we all know that the right outfit can bring out our beauty. But we also know that choosing what to wear can be a daunting task most of the time. With so many factors in play, including personal preference, fashion trends and the occasion you’re preparing for, it’s not always easy to make the perfect combination.

As Western-themed parties are becoming more popular these days, it’s interesting to see how the country style is making its comeback to the fashion scene. Women’s country-style takes its inspiration from the traditional clothing worn in the American West, defined by cowboys, ranchers and outlaws. The creation of Western wear was born out of necessity, as a practical form of attire, but over the years the style has inspired many designers and made a huge impact on fashion for both men and women.

Women’s Country Style

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While men are wondering how to look rugged women know the benefits of keeping edges aligned and trim. Choosing the right women country clothing is not only about dressing to create an effortless, graceful image, but also dressing for practicality, so they can do the things they love, whether it’s walking, hiking or riding.

The current country style is all about comfort and practicality, a casual approach, easy to wear clothing pieces and trendy fabrics. You can choose from a variety of women country clothing, including jeans, dresses, tops, shorts and shirts and create an effortlessly chic look for different occasions. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some tips and ideas that might help.

Women’s Country Style Wardrobe Staples

You can put on a cowgirl outfit in many different ways for both formal and informal events, but to ensure comfort and safety is always taken care of, you need to get the basic staples right. Cowgirls broke the barriers tending to cattle and herds in the countryside and are known for their unique fashion sense. Living in the city, you can sport a similar look and make a fashion statement with cowgirl inspired pieces. Some of them may already be part of your everyday wardrobe, involving boots, hats and fringes – timeless and practical pieces that can be worn for non-Western looks as well.


No cowgirl outfit is complete without denim, both light and dark. Denim is cowgirl reminiscent and works for any season. A comfortable pair of denim jeans will have you covered all year round. Straight leg and boot-cut options are the most popular for Western wear these days. Western-style clothing has always been closely associated with jeans.

Jeans are an essential part of the Western-style appearance – comfortable, durable and practical piece of clothing. For your cowgirl wardrobe, it’s important to select the jeans you feel most comfortable in. Also, you can try denim pieces like jackets or vests. They are timeless pieces that span all seasons and can be combined with non-Western outfits, too.

Women’s Country Style

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This is the most common print for cowgirls and you can choose from a variety of colour combinations. When the weather is cold, you can choose flannel shirts, while for the spring and summer, cotton shirts are the ideal solution. Nothing screams country style more than tucking your shirt in your jeans.


The fabulous fringe has been seen in many cowgirl-inspired ensembles; however, it should be worn in moderation. You can choose one fringe piece for your country outfit, whether it’s on a west, denim or your boots.


You can always add leather accessories to your Western-inspired look, including belts, boots, hats, handbags and wrist cuffs. Adding a leather belt to your denim can step up your country look a notch and a pair of leather boots can complete your outfit.

Women’s Country Style

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A Few Ideas on How to Rock the Cowgirl Outfit

Go at It One Piece at a Time

The best thing about the country style is that you can go at it one piece at a time. It can simply exist in your shirt choice, or an accessory blended into your everyday look, like an oversized plaid scarf, for instance.

Pair Dress and Boots for an Instant Western Look

If you’re going for a casual cowgirl look, a key element that can take your outfit from regular to country casual is embroidery in floral patterns, which can be usually found in dresses, tops, shirts and skirts. Pair your floral dress, a short or maxi dress with a medium traditional print, with cowgirl boots and a minimalist leather bag and you got the Western vibe.

Combine Urban Gear and Country Style

You can perfectly fit your cowgirl look in your urban lifestyle just by wearing a slouchy hoodie or quilted vest with embroidery highlights. Put your jeans and walking shoes on and your outfit is complete. Also, you can combine a motorcycle jacket with your floral dress and get an instantly chic country look. An intricate and embellished leather jacket, on the other hand, is a great symbol of the countryside and can easily become part of your everyday wear.

In the end, remember to consider your body type when selecting women country clothes. A flattering fit is a key to creating the perfect outfit and feel comfortable wearing it.


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