Scooter Essentials: Scooter Wheels Guide

Scooters have proven to be a great way of transportation, especially when it comes to transportation in big cities. They’re one of the best ways to avoid heavy traffic and get around town quickly and efficiently. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike, especially for those who can’t use the more old school methods, like a bicycle due to health or financial reasons. Scooters are also great for a little bit of fun at the skatepark. Performing tricks and riding those rails is an excellent way for your child to get a bit of much-needed exercise, hang out with friends, and just do what they love! 

When looking at scooters, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to. The build, of course, and the scooter’s quality are way up there on the list. These are things that make or break a scooter, quite literally. Still, when it comes to the ride itself, wheels are key. When looking at wheels for scooters, no matter if it’s for a new scooter or you’re looking for a replacement pair, here are the factors to take into consideration! 


tyres of scooters

For lack of a better word, I’m going to use the word “tyre” to describe the outer part of the scooter wheel. Think of scooter wheels like car wheels, as they are pretty similar. There’s the urethane (or polyurethane) which is the rubber “tyre” part, and then there’s the core, or the actual “wheel”. The only difference between the two is you can separate the tyre and the wheel on a car, but you can’t separate them on a scooter wheel, so you need to pay close attention to the set in order to get the best product. 

Not to get ahead of myself, though, I am only discussing the tyre part! On scooters, the tyre is made of urethane or polyurethane. These compounds are basically artificial rubber that combines the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber to give a wheel the best of both worlds. The great thing about these materials is that they do not melt, so no matter how fast you go, or how hot the asphalt is, you’re safe and sound, and ready to roll! 

The tyre is the most responsible part for how your scooter rides. The tyre’s softness or hardness is measured in durometers. Softer tyres are great for park riders, as they provide a higher level of grip and lower speed, which is perfect for performing park tricks. Street riders will prefer higher durometer wheels as they offer higher speed, something a street rider really values. So, when looking for the perfect scooter wheels, you’ll need to figure out what kind of ride you’re looking for and what you’ll be using your scooter for.


The core is the actual wheel of the scooter. The core of your scooter wheel is an extremely important part as it gives the wheel, and the whole scooter really, its steadiness and strength. Because of this, you need to really pay attention to the core, especially the material it’s made out of. For example, you want to steer away (pun actually intended!) from any core made out of plastic. It’s probably the worst material for a scooter wheel core out there, simply because it’s easy to break, crack and crumble, especially if you’re using your scooter for tricks. It’s a danger all by itself, posing risks of injury as well as a great risk of you destroying your scooter altogether. 

scooter wheels

It’s an industry agreement that aluminium is the best material for scooter wheel cores. Durable, lightweight, and very strong, it’s an excellent material that will withstand any impact and abuse without a problem. It will also do great on the street, giving your wheels the stability they need. However, a new type of core has appeared lately and it’s taking the scooter industry by storm – hollow core wheels. Hollow core wheels are considered even better than aluminium wheels as they offer the same amount of strength and durability while being even lighter.

Many of the companies producing pro scooters and pro scooter paraphernalia are quite big on the hollow-cored wheels, so you can find a lot of models out there that feature this type of core. Still, as novel and as great these types of wheels are, good old aluminium cores seem to be a bit sturdier and more long-lasting than their hollow-core counterparts. What you need to take out of this whole scooter core business is that you need to avoid plastic cores. Anything else is fair game and up to you! 


To round everything up, you’ll need to look into the design and overall make of your wheels. Designs aren’t scarce and there are actually A LOT of different ones out there. When it comes to the core, you can get regular, hologram, patterned, diamond cores featuring different combinations of colours, including gradient, solid colours, etc. This allows you to really customize your scooter and make it quite unique, following your style and preferences. There are so many scooter-riders out there that I’m sure you’d love the chance to stand out through this customisation option! 

When it comes to the tyre, the list of colours doesn’t stop at regular black either. There are actually a lot of different colours you can choose from to further customise your scooter and add a certain pop to it. The design doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of your scooter – it’s basically just for show, but when you have something you really, truly like, it kinda does affect the performance, doesn’t it? 

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To Sum Up 

By following this guide you’re set to pick the best wheels for your new scooter or breathe new life into your old one. One thing to remember is that you can always carry two sets of wheels that are suitable for different types of rides and change them when needed. A lot of riders to this and since it’s quite easy to change the wheels of your scooter nowadays, this is an excellent idea. Just pop your spare wheels in your backpack and you’re ready for any type of roll. 

Always make sure to mind the size of the wheels and choose the correct one. This is something that corresponds with the build of your scooter, so pay attention to the specifics when buying! All in all, choosing wheels for scooters is quite easy when you know what you’re looking for and I hope this article gave you a few pointers you can use in your search.

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