How To Look Rugged: The Essential Country Style Clothing Guide

Country style clothes have made quite an impact on fashion, which is why they always seem to stay around, mixing up with other styles. In fact, they have been inspiring a lot of casual clothes designs. However, if you are into country style, and you want to give your casual outfits some extra edge, adding some more authentic garments to your wardrobe is a great idea.

Country Style Clothing for Men

Nowadays all of us has some garments that have come out of the typical western cowboy “uniform”, with blue jeans being the perfect example. Of course, they weren’t designed for cowboys, but they did become a part of the usual cowboy attire in the 19th century.

The Perfect Casual Outfits for Men

Country attire offers many options, depending on the style you are trying to achieve, and you don’t need a lot of things for it. In fact, you can simply buy high quality essential country clothes for men and that can be enough. And more importantly, it can be a great investment, since country style garments and footwear are an ideal and very useful addition to any man’s wardrobe as they offer an endless possibility for great fashionable outfits.

For instance, you can go for a cool black cowboy outfit with a pair of black jeans, a black country jacket, and black cowboy boots. You can go for something more colourful, by adding a nice check shirt under the jacket; or drop the jacket, and wear the flannel shirt over a t-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans, blue, black or any other colour; or you can just add one piece of country clothing to your style, and make a unique country outfit.

Black Leather Jacket

It’s not a surprise leather jackets are a common choice amongst bikers. Not only do they look great, making almost any outfit cool, but also, they are one of the strongest and most resilient jackets you can own. Leather provides great insulation from the cold, it’s highly water-resistant, it’s windproof, and best of all, quality leather is very comfortable. Furthermore, leather is a great investment, since not only it’s durable because of its resilience, but it also gets better with time.

Black Leather Jacket

Over the years, black leather jackets have become a classic, and any man who dresses casually should have one. While they are a common garment amongst people who dress in country style and bikers, they are one of those garments that go with almost anything, and they are simply timeless. Aside from their comfort and durability, the reason is partly due to the fact that they can complement almost any style, and more importantly, they look great on any man or woman, at any age. And, with bikers loving them so much, they have become somewhat of a statement piece, which symbolises freedom and individuality, while also giving you a cool rugged look.

Flannel Shirt

Another timeless piece of country clothes every western wear admirer needs in their wardrobe, flannel shirts are also a common sight all around the world. Even if sometimes you see less of them, they are never completely out of the picture, and most of us has had at least one at some point in our lives.

One of the reasons why, is that check shirts are incredibly versatile, and they have become an inspiration for many different types of clothing. Also, they are comfortable, they look great and they can be worn in so many ways. While if you are trying to achieve a cowboy outfit, a flannel shirt is a must, these always in style garments, not unlike other western clothing items and accessories, go well with many different styles.

With so many different designs and colours, country-style shirts are an ideal piece of clothing to complete a casual outfit. They work great in so many combinations: with blue or black jeans, opened over a white t-shirt, or closed, with boots or sneakers, or even dressier shoes… The possibilities are endless.

Cowboy Boots

Now, a black leather jacket and a flannel shirt can give you a country edge, but if you are going for a full-on western look, nothing can get the job done better than cowboy boots. With a pair of high-quality cowboy boots, you can create great outfits. And on top of looking nice, they are very comfortable footwear, and they provide great support for your feet.

Cowboy Boots


Regardless of their name, cowboy boots come in many forms, and they aren’t only for people who want to embrace an old-time cowboy look entirely. They can be worn in many ways and they can complete an endless number of casual outfits perfectly. Moreover, with country casual style becoming more and more popular, footwear manufacturers have been inspired by cowboy boots, and as a result, you can find country style inspired boots that can fit in perfectly with your style, making it more interesting and giving it more character, with the added western vibe.


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