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Wrapping a bowl with beeswax wrap

Beeswax Wraps: a Tiny Step Towards a Greener Household

For years now people around the globe have been learning about ways to protect our planet, with environmental awareness growing rapidly. Thanks to this, we keep looking for environmentally sound alternatives to things we use in our...


The Best Fishing Reel Brands to Ensure Success

Beginners in fishing can find the choice of tackle slightly overwhelming. There are all those opinions from the experienced bunch, but which one exactly should you follow? Some list fishing rods, the various fishing...


A Deep Dive Into Snorkeling Essentials

In 1958 Bobby Daren sang “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”, referring to his love waiting for him on golden shores, watching the waves. But what about the wonders that dwell under those waves?

Enrich Your Plant-Based Diet With Raw Vegan Protein

Many people decide to cut meat and animal products out of their diets for various reasons. Some prefer eating clean food free of additives and antibiotics, others become vegans because of health reasons, or...

Steel Toe Work Boots: Durability and Protection in One

In the past, work steel toe boots weren’t very attractive, which is one of the reasons why many didn’t want to wear them. But today, they have evolved into more functional and stylish pieces...


Pure Monk Fruit: Natural Low Calorie Sugar Substitute

Keeping tabs on how much calories and sugar you’re ingesting is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially when you know that added sugars in some drinks, desserts and even candies may...