Top Selling Prada Perfumes Available Online

Prada brand is probably one of the best known fashion houses. Since 1913, the brand has been successfully selling fashion and dictating trends. Unique style of modern and traditional is incorporated into every product including car interiors and perfumes.

The first Prada perfume,Amber, was introduced in 2004. The public and critical acclaim helped Amber achieve great commercial success. Soon followed more luxurious fragrances and today Prada perfume line offers some of the best perfumes you can find on the market. Not only do they smell great, but also every fragrance comes in a eye-catching bottle design.


Every Prada perfume represents a perfect mixture of past and future and is every woman’s secret self-expression weapon. Forerunners of trends, Prada perfumes are long-lasting, sensual, soft yet powerful, classic yet glamorous. They not only stand for sophistication and style, but prestige and power as well. With every spritz you will feel chic and bold.

Here are just few Prada fragrances you must try.

Prada by Prada

This one of the top selling Prada fragrances is your next signature perfume. The sensual mixture of patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla, bergamot, oranges and rose will remind you of past, memories and tomorrow. It is a very different and unique scent that you will certainly adore.

Infusion De Fleur D’oranger

If you want a lighter fragrance that features hints of oranges, this is the perfect scent for you. It is so light you can wear it to work, and so sensual you can wear it when out on a date. This little citrus-scented Prada perfume is perfect for any occasion.

Prada Candy

Are you feeling a little frisky and playful? If yes, then this is the right Prada perfume for you. This cocktail of different notes was designed for women looking for fun and is ideal for day and night.

L’eau Ambree

Many say that Prada perfumes feature nothing but patchouli. Well, this Prada perfume has a base note of amber and de mai with a splash of vanilla and citron with just a hint of patchouli. It is a perfect perfume for work that will linger on your skin for hours.

Prada Milano

This fragrance has all your dreams captured in a simple rectangular glass bottle. It will simply make you glow. The perfect combination of floral notes with hints of citrus is perfect for casual days and for romantic evenings.


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