World’s Largest Mining Excavators Available Online

The mining excavator is one of the largest digging machines which can be seen on every major mining site all over the world. This powerful excavator is designed to scoop materials and to move loads from one to another location. Even though it moves slower than a wheeled loader, the mining excavator has greater bucket and dump capacity. Even though it is a large machine, the mining excavator requires less effort and can be easily operated on every surface. The primary function of the mining excavator is to dig and move massive amounts of ground, rocks and other solid materials. We have listed few of the most popular mining excavator models available online:


Liebherr R 996 B

This is definitely the most powerful mining excavator available on the market. The operating weight of this mining excavator is 676 tones. The height of the cabin is 9.26m, while the undercarriage is 10m long and 7.9 wide. What makes this model so popular, is the incredible digging capacity of 1,500kN. In order to understand the true power of this mining excavator, consider the crowding and breakout force that goes up to 2,430kN and 1,905kN respectively. Powered by two 16-cylinder Cummins K 1800 E diesel engines, Liebherr R 996 B disposes with 3,000hp at 1,800rpm.

Hitachi EX5600-6

Hitachi EX5600-6 is another powerful hydraulic excavator that has operating weight of 573 tones. This model was launched in 2012, as improvement of the previous model, the EX5500-6. The undercarriage length and width of this model is 9.35m and 7.4m respectively. This mining excavator uses 16-cylinder Cummins QSKTA50-CE diesel engine which generates 3,000hp at 1,800rpm.

Bucyrus RH400

If you are looking for the world’s biggest mining excavator, then you definitely need to check the Bucyrus RH400. Originally, this mining excavator was launched in 1997 by Terex, later acquired by Caterpillar. This front-shovel excavator has operating weight of 889 tones. When compared with other models, this excavator has amazing undercarriage which is 8.6 m wide, while the crawler length is 10.98m. But nothing beats the breakout force of the shovel that goes up to 2,400kN. Thanks to the 16-cylinder Cat 3516B diesel engine, this mining excavator disposes with maximum power output of 4,400hp at 1,800rpm.

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