Different Forklift Attachments Available Online

Many companies make big mistakes when it comes to selecting the right forklift for their operations. There is a huge variety of options and configurations available in terms of size and lift height and weight capacity. Doing homework prior to selecting the best forklift will result in great utilization of your labor and space while maintaining a superior safety. Before making your final decision know the type materials you’ll be handling as well as the methods you’ll use to store the materials, ship and receive them. This will help you choose the right attachment for the task.

When it comes to forklift attachments and options, there is a huge variety available on the market. While most of them are designed for use on basic forklift models, certain attachments are also used on VNA and reach trucks. Here are some of the most common types of forklift attachments.

forklift attachments

  • Fork positioner – These forklift attachments allow the operator to adapt the distance between the forks with no need to get off of the forklift. 
  • Sideshift – This forklift attachment is the most common and should be considered a standard equipment. It helps the fork carriage to move smoothly right and left to allow more precise positioning of the load. Sideshifts boost safety and productivity. 
  • Fork pivot – Allows the carriage and forks to rotate. Used for dumping and transporting specially constructed hoppers. 
  • Slip sheet attachment – Slip sheet forklift attachments find their application in operations where instead of pallets slip sheets are used. This attachment has a pull/push mechanism that compresses onto the slip sheet and hauls the load onto a thin platform pushing the load off of the platform when forklift reaches the key point. 
  • Paper roll clamp – Designed specifically for handling large rolls of paper, this attachment clamps around the paper roll and allows a complete rotation of 360 degree. 
  • Prongs – These are specializes rod type forklift attachments used for picking up rolls of different materials, like cable and wire spools, carpet rolls and rolled steel, by putting the prong into the spool center. 
  • Height selector – This attachment allows you to pre-set certain fork heights to match the rack level. 
  • Fork extensions – These forklift attachments slide over the forks on the truck enabling you to pick up longer loads. 
  • Tilt control – This device allows you to pre-set the angles of fork tilt.

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