The Best Pieces of Weight Lifting Equipment to Help You Build More Muscle

If you’re new to weight lifting, you’re probably overwhelmed by the wide variety of weight lifting equipment available. But worry not, we’re here to help you out learn more about the crucial pieces of equipment that can help you tone your body and build more muscle.


woman lifting olympic barbells

As a novice, you might think that a curl biceps is just a curl biceps. Still, as you progress and your fitness goals change, you’ll see that every piece of weight lifting equipment will target your muscles differently, giving your workout more depth and functionality while getting your body fit and strong. Therefore, a curl biceps feels much different when using barbells. But, not all barbells are created equal.

Traditional barbells weigh about 45 pounds. Some manufacturers design barbells that weigh 35 or 55 pounds. In either case, they all serve the same purpose: barbells hold individual weight plates. Don’t forget to get a set of collars or clips to keep the plates firmly as you elevate them. The last thing you want is your weights to fly around during a heavy lifting workout. Another alternative is to buy barbells with fixed weights.

Weight Plates

Having this in mind, there are many weighted plates available for purchase. Standard weight plates increase in 5 or 10-pound increments, but plates weighing as little as 2.5 pounds and as much as 100 pounds are also available. For convenient weight distribution, standard home gyms contain 5-, 10-, 25-, and 45-pound plates. You can save money by purchasing weight plate sets. Otherwise, if you need extra 45-pound plates or other weights because the ones you’ve been using have become too easy to lift, you may buy them separately.

On the other hand, consider purchasing rubber bumper plates if you’re more into Olympics or powerlifting. To prevent surface damage, these plates contain protective high-density rubberised coverings. However, extra padding and a weightlifting platform should still be installed to safeguard your floors.

While most power cages and benches include plate storage pegs, you may require additional storage supports for leftover plates. Anyone who lifts a lot of weight knows that storage pegs can only hold so much. As a result, extra storage space is required.


woman exercising with pink dumbbells

Dumbbells, like barbells, are essential weight lifting equipment. The variety of free weight exercises available with dumbbells is astounding. Dumbbells are often hexagonal or rounded in shape and made of cast iron or rubberised protection. They’re ideal for activities like bicep curls, lateral raises, and pec flies.

Dumbbells, like weight plates, come in a variety of weights. They might weigh as little as 3 pounds or as much as 150 pounds. You can select the ones that are appropriate for your degree of strength. Most retail stores offer dumbbell sets, but if you have particular tastes, you can buy them in pairs. These days you can also find adjustable dumbbells that allow you to change their weight via an inbuilt mechanism.

Weight Bench

Another weight training staple is the weight bench. Anyone who wishes to bench press requires a weight bench for their home gym, which can also be fixed or adjustable. Presses, flies, pullovers, and other exercise variations are best performed on a regular flat bench. However, incline and decline benches can be found to modify the types of presses or flies you do and the muscle regions you target.

If you don’t have a spotter, choose a weight bench with safety bars. To provide the optimum experience, weight benches should also have adjustable height columns. These are not only wonderful for workouts, but they are also easy to assemble and move. As a result, you’ll have plenty of room for weight plates, dumbbells, and other strength gear. Whether you put your bench in a corner or leave it out in the open, it makes no difference.

Power Cage

A power cage is one of the essential pieces of weight lifting equipment in any gym. These help with high-intensity strength-building and weight-training activities, including the squat, bench press, deadlift, and barbell row. In the end, a weightlifting cage is a mechanical spotter for free weight exercises. It comprises four upright pillars, and two adjustable support catches to safeguard the lifter in the event of a failure.

Unlike a Smith machine, which has fixed mechanics that limit the lifter’s mobility, power cages provide the lifter with total freedom of movement. Some may include extra attachments such as a chin-up bar, a pull-down cable attachment, or weight plate storage pegs.

Squat Rack

exercising on squat rack with weights

Although similar to power cages, squat racks are half their size. They feature two upright pillars with adjustable height pegs to let you securely lift and lower the barbell during a squat. Squat racks can also hold weight for squat variants. Lifters place themselves underneath the barbell, supported by two adjustable metal posts, to properly raise the weight and execute the squat exercise. As a result, many squat racks include weight plate storage pegs.

Squat racks are generally more affordable and take up less space than full-power cages. While a squat rack cannot perform as many movements as a cage, both are excellent solutions for muscle training in a safe and secure environment.

Weightlifting Accessories

Finally, don’t hesitate to invest in some gym accessories. Stock up on weight belts, chalk, smelling salts, wrist wraps, knee coverings, and elbow sleeves for maximum heavyweight performance.

Heavy squats, deadlifts, and other complex movements are ideal for using leather weight belts. They provide back support while also reducing pain and damage. Although chalk and smelling salts aren’t required, they can assist you in accomplishing complex lifts by increasing grip and force.

Knee and elbow wraps or sleeves are also useful for preventing your joints’ tears, aches, and pains. Avoiding injury as much as possible when lifting high weights is vital. Wraps and sleeves allow for optimum mobility while also stabilising your joints.

When purchasing accessories for weightlifting, choose the right ones based on your requirements and personal preference—for instance, lifting chalk and smelling salts aren’t for everyone. However, accessories might help you take your lifting to the next level.


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