Toddler Fashion: Essential Shirts Every Boy Needs

In the past, clothing items were much more complicated than what we have today. Adults, as well children, were always in button-ups, suspensers, layered dresses, and so on – items that made it quite difficult to just lay back and have a nice time.
However, the times were like that back then, so it can be understandable from that point of view, but when the turn of the century came and slip-on garments began to appear, nobody could really imagine a life without them. Everything else just faded in comparison.


Even though they were meant for army men at first, t-shirts as well as other buttonless clothing items quickly caught on and became a popular thing everybody wanted to get their hands on. A few decades later and the t-shirt, as well as other slip-on tops, shine in full glory, irreplaceable and evergreen.

Slip-On Tops: Little Kids’ Best Friends

Simple slip-on tops are what we can see the most these days in the adult’s section of any store out there, but also, especially in the children’s section.

Kids, particularly little ones, need clothes that won’t restrain them but can provide complete freedom of movement, so the invention of slip-on garments makes the most sense when it comes to them. Little boys and girls are meant to move around and be active without any clothing getting in the way, so shopping smartly when it comes to their tops is of utmost importance.

In light of this, today I’d like to talk a bit about all the essential little boy tops to buy. If you’re interested in making sure your child gets the comfort he needs without compromising the style, keep on reading through our comprehensive list!



The pinnacle of the slip-on garments, the t-shirt is logically number one on our essential little boy tops list. Simple enough to be worn on a casual playdate, yet still stylish enough to be a part of more dressy attire, the t-shirt is a must-have for any little boy out there.

When buying t-shirts for your little one you’ll notice that there is a seriously wide variety of styles and designs out there. This is a good thing on one hand, but a bit of a tricky thing on the other.

For a t-shirt to be suitable for a child, or anyone really, you need to not be swayed by the cute design or the interesting style and firstly pay attention to the material. T-shirts are usually made out of cotton, but there are some that are not, so checking the label and really confirming that you’re getting a pure cotton garment is going to save you a lot of stress along the way.

Pure cotton is hypoallergenic and is also very easy to clean, unlike other similar materials or blends that include cotton. Pure cotton is also highly breathable and stretchy enough to allow your kid to play freely and not feel confined, so the t-shirt will be something they won’t want to take off, not even to go to bed.

As for designs, kid-friendly ones are available all across the country, both online and in-store, so guide yourself by what your little one likes and get them at least 10 pairs of little t-shirts to cover every occasion.



What’s a little man without a little style?

Even though certain t-shirts can be worn on more formal outings, there are some situations that require a bit more. This is where shirts come in. Even if you don’t really go out that much it’s smart to have at least a few dress shirts in your toddler boy tops collection so that you can be ready for anything.

When shopping for little toddler shirts, you, once again, need to pay attention to the material, but also closely examine the fit. Toddler shirts are manufactured in a similar way adult shirts are, so the fits correspond. I’d recommend getting a standard or a loose fit shirt instead of fitted ones as they allow for more movement and won’t make your boy feel uncomfortable.

You’ll also need to decide whether to get long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, though I believe it’s always best to have at least a couple of each. Long-sleeved shirts will be great to wear in chillier months over a t-shirt, for example, while short-sleeved ones are an outfit all by themselves in summer and spring.

Make sure to skip the plain-coloured ones and always go with a fun pattern to mix things up and make the garment more attractive for your kid to wear.


Hoodies & Blouses

Finally, for ultimate cosiness and rounding up of your little boy top collection you’ll need a bunch of hoodies and simple, long-sleeved blouses.

Hoodies are an essential part of every person’s clothing attire as they are simple to use, extremely comfortable, and come in a variety of styles. Little boy hoodies are special though and can feature much more interesting styles and patterns than grown-up hoodies ever can.

To make things easier, instead of slip-on ones, make sure to get hoodies with zippers so you can easily take the garment off or put it on your child when needed.

As for blouses, they are basically the long-sleeved cousin of the t-shirt, so they are universal, very comfy, and perfect for colder weather. They can also be combined with a t-shirt for a cool, grunge-inspired look your toddler is sure to love.

Layering is always a good idea when it comes to little kids, so having at least a few pairs of long-sleeved shirts and hoodies is optimal. This way you’ll always have a change of clothes on hand and will be able to create many different looks for your little one without breaking the bank.

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