Things to Consider When Buying RC Trucks

When it comes to choosing the right RC vehicle, there’s so much variety that things can get a bit confusing. Which type of vehicle do you go for? Which features are important? Any brands that are worth looking at? Where will you use it? Answers to these and a few more questions will help you narrow down what you should be looking for.

Of course, deciding what type of activity you like will also help. If you like planes and flying, go for an RC plane, if you’re fond of water, RC boats will be your thing. Ultimately, most people go for something they can drive, either an RC car or truck, since these are the easiest to get around, and are used in accessible places like the backyard or nearest park. While cars are best on the pavement or smooth surfaces, trucks will be suited to more types of terrain, so these are the things I’ll be looking at here.

Types of RC Trucks

In terms of design, there are different kinds of rc trucks Australia that you can buy. For all-around agility, speed and handling on gentler terrain, with little in the way of larger obstacles, look to RC buggies. They lay low, are lightweight, and run up good speed. Buggies a decent choice for all skill levels, but best suited to newcomers just entering the RC world. Short course trucks are similar to buggies, have less in the way of suspension, and more geared towards racing. While almost exclusive to the race track are stadium trucks, built for speed and tight turns. Monster trucks can take on different terrain types, are higher with bigger wheels, and suited to racing or thrashing. Combining the power of trucks and speed and suspension of buggies are RC truggies, basically a mix of the best qualities in both vehicles. Then, there are rock crawlers, designed to do exactly what it says on the box. They’re good for tackling extremely rocky terrain. All these models are known as ready to run, meaning they can be used straight out of the box. Lastly, if you’re into building, get a kit that you can assemble yourself, and swap out any parts you don’t like.
rc truck traxxas

What to Look for in RC Trucks

Now that you’ve picked the type of truck you want, consider the points in the list below to make a final decision:

Engine Type

RC trucks come in two configurations when it comes to their motors, either electric or nitro/petrol. Electric motors are all the rage nowadays since battery technology has come a long way. You can choose from brushed or brushless electric motors. Brushed motors are the older type. They’re decent for mid-range speeds and cheaper, but harder to maintain because of the extra parts. Brushless motors are newer, generate more power and speed, and have fewer things that can go wrong, meaning they’ll last longer. But they are more expensive. Electric motors are quiet, and found in the majority of RC trucks.
rc car engine

If you want the smoke and smell of real trucks, nitro or petrol-powered RC trucks will be down your lane. They have scaled-down engines of the real thing. Nitro and petrol trucks are generally bigger but are more orientated towards enthusiasts and racers, since they’re harder to maintain than electric trucks. You’ll need to know your way around all the parts.


Rc trucks are sold in different sizes, or scales. Most models are 1/10th the scale of the real thing. But you can also find smaller trucks, up to 1/24th scale, or bigger trucks going up to 1/5th of real-life models. Nitro and petrol trucks are often bigger than electric trucks.

Racing vs. Bashing

Racing needs no definition – they’re RC trucks Australia designed exclusively to win races, meaning more speed, generally from a brushless motor. More focus is on the chassis, engine and drivetrain, but you’ll need a few extra bodies from the damage often incurred in races. Bashing refers to general driving, meaning all the regular beating a truck takes in different terrain.
Racing vs. Bashing RC Trucks

Skill level

Some trucks are more orientated towards beginners, meaning they’re more forgiving when making mistakes. They’ll be easier to maneuver, have a decent run speed, and an overall capable setup. Others are more demanding and sold to enthusiasts or hard-core racers. These people tend to put more time and money into their hobby, but enjoy all the fun that goes with it.


Trucks are 2WD or 4WD, with the motor turning one or both axles. 4WD trucks usually have more power and speed, and handle better than 2WD trucks. However, 2WD trucks will make you a better driver. In addition, you might come across 6-wheelers with 6WD, and even tracked trucks.
rc truck zombie

Cost and Brands

The cost of RC trucks varies among the different types of trucks, the features – mainly the type of motor, and across different brands. Fast 4WD trucks with powerful brushless motors from respected brands like Traxxas, Axial, HPI, Rovan, Tamiya or Kyosho, among many brands, will sell for more. If you’re a beginner, a mid-range truck with an uprated brushed or decent brushless motor will be more than enough. You can always upgrade later on.

Buying RC Trucks

RC trucks, including all extras like parts, batteries, chargers, and radio controllers are sold by respected toy and hobby retailers across Australia. Most have online stores, where you can check out all that’s available.

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