Super Easy Glitter Glue Craft Ideas

Do you love glitter but hate the mess that comes with using it? Don’t rush on giving up using glitter for your craft projects just too easy. Using glitter in the form of glue, you can still add glitter to your cards, scrapbook and handmade gifts without making a mess.

What Is Glitter Glue and Why Use It?

Glitter is a controversial material among crafters. Because it’s very messy, crafters frequently have strong opinions for or against it. Although glitter may look beautiful, it can be frustrating to spend lots of time cleaning up after a mishap, or when it sheds on the floor. That’s where glitter glues step in, used as decoration and adhesive. If you’ve never experimented with this lovely medium, you’re in for a treat!

Besides the obvious advantage of making less mess, these glues dry quicker than other glitter sealing techniques. Once you apply them to your project, and they have dried, the project’s finished and ready to use! Nevertheless, loose glitter may take longer to apply and requires additional sealing if you want it to stay in place. For even more sparkle, sift loose glitter on top of this type of glue while it’s still wet to create a shimmering appearance. That’s one of my favourite uses for it!

Glitter Glue pens.

How Do You Make Glitter Glue Crafts?

You can try various ways, from decorating your home to teaching small children the alphabet. To create a more detailed design, you can use glitter pens. Alternatively, remove the cap from the glue and apply it with a paintbrush to cover a bigger surface. Here are some ideas for wonderful glitter glue crafts to enjoy the opportunity to exercise your creativity and make something original!

Embellish a Pencil Case

You can transform a boring pencil case into something glittery and unique. Use different colours of glitter to add adornment to an existing design or to make playful motifs that reflect your individuality. For inspiration, consider hearts, sprinkles, stars, or stripes.

Create a Personalised Tote Bag

Canvas tote bags have replaced single-use plastic bags as the more environmentally responsible option, and they’re ideal for shopping, school gym bags, sport and dance bags, and more. Customising a bag with glue glitter will give it some individuality.

Choose a pattern that complements the contour of the bag, such as zigzags, circles, swirls, or even firework designs. For a kid’s party or playdate, decorating a tote bag is a terrific idea for glitter glue crafts that is quick, simple, and reasonably priced.

Tote bag with hearts.

Add Glitter to Colouring Pages or Cards

Applying glitter to paper is one of the most widely used applications. For adults and kids, drawing and colouring is a calming activity that helps you lose yourself in the present.

Use glitter pens instead of colouring or highlighting particular shapes or colours to give your artwork more depth and richness.

Tip: Use glues of glitter for card crafting to add a unique and personalised touch to a 2D homemade card.

Adorn Your Party Ware

Use the glue to decorate party supplies like paper tablecloths and cardboard hats. This craft idea can even be used as a pre-party activity to create anticipation, or you can use it as the main activity for younger kids to keep them occupied.

To make crowns suited for a birthday king or queen, you can make plain spots and stripes or use glitter pens to attach plastic jewels.

Create a Place Setting

Make a place setting that serves as both a conversation starter and a gorgeous keepsake. Choose smooth, flat pebbles and write names or initials using glue with glitter in different colours. Or, you may use a permanent pen and then decorate it with some glitter.

Make a Bedroom Door Sign

Get your kids to make personalised bedroom door signs with coloured cards and glitter — it’s a super simple craft idea!

Ask your children to cut out shapes from their cards, such as clouds or stars, and then use the glue to write or decorate their names. Kids can embellish their new bedroom sign with glitter by adding various shapes and squiggles.

Glitter glue bottles.

What Is the Best Way to Use Glitter Glue?


Remember to open and use your glue on a protected work surface before beginning your art glitter glue project and make sure the surfaces you intend to use the glue on are clean, dry, and dust-free.


Apply the glue to the surface of your choice by removing the glue pen’s cap and gently squeezing the tube. Remove excess glue with a moist cloth if you apply too much. If you spread your sparkly pattern thinly, it will dry in as little as 30 minutes. Leave it for 24 hours for the best outcomes.


Clean the nozzle and screw threads after you’ve finished gluing, then tighten the glue cap to prepare it for future projects. Use a piece of wire, such as a paperclip, to unclog the application nozzle if it becomes clogged with glitter.


We advise washing the glue off surfaces or clothing before it dries for the simplest removal method. If this isn’t possible, you can attempt to melt and release it by rubbing a damp, heated cloth against the stain. After that, wipe the product away with a cloth. Continue until all of the glue comes off.


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