A Hole in One: Essential Pieces of Golfing Gear for Beginners

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world that originated in Scotland in 1457 and after the 1700s. It’s a sport that requires a lot of skill, precision and special playing gear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, there are essential pieces that you should have to be able to play.

Golf Cart

a push golf cart in a middle of a golf field
source: facebook.com/thehouseofgolf

Golf courses cover a very large area. There will be a lot of walking involved, and with the gear that you’re carrying around, it won’t be easy to go from one place to another. You’ll need a place to store your clubs, balls and other necessities. One of the best solutions is a sturdy and practical golf push cart. It will fit all of your equipment and make strolling around much easier.

There are two types of buggies, push and pull and electric ones. Push and pull buggies are manually powered. The main difference between the two is the number of wheels. Pull ones have 2 wheels and the push type has 3. The extra wheel is there to make pushing easier. Some brands have 4-wheelers as well. No matter the number of wheels, their main purpose is to carry your golf bag.

A lot of golfers prefer the 3-wheeled version because it’s easier to move are sturdier. You can roll it around with ease no matter the terrain. Plus, it won’t wear out your shoulder muscles leaving you a lot of energy to execute a perfect swing each time. If the course is completely flat, you can go with a 2-wheeler because there will be no hills and bumps to go over.

Some push buggies even have brakes, which is a great feature when you’re doing downhill or while playing a hole. Pull carts are generally cheaper than push ones. So, if you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, they can be a great choice. Both options are very compact and fold easily so you can store them away.

If you want to avoid the strain of pushing the cart around the course, try an electric one. These buggies are battery-powered and will make walking around the course much easier. You can control them with either a speed dial or a remote. The cart can go in front of you or behind you, keeping up the pace and saving you the energy for the strikes instead of wasting it on pushing and pulling.

Electric buggies are a bit more expensive but they’re worth every dollar you pay. They’re a long-term investment that will make you less tired and more focused. They’re great for uneven terrains where there are a lot of fairways and hills. If you decide to buy an electric cart, the most important thing to consider is the battery power. Every brand is different, and the battery’s power and longevity will vary.


a good set of clubs for golf
source: houseofgolf.com.au

If you want to have a good game, a set of good clubs is a must. They will have a huge impact on your performance and end result. There are 4 main types of clubs. The first ones are made of wood and are meant for long-distance shots. The second type of club is made of iron and they’re very versatile. If you’re doing shots in the green, they’re the right choice.

Wedges are the perfect way to make short shots of green. The fourth type is the putters. They’re great for putting on the green. They come in several sizes and can have different putting styles. If you’re a beginner, buy clubs with shorter shafts and wider clubface. This gives you a nice hitting surface and less chance of missing the ball.

The shaft will have a big influence on how the club will feel in your hands. Shaft flexibility, or “flex,” comes in three varieties: standard, stiff, and very stiff. This part of the club is usually made of steel or graphite. Graphite will give you more swing speed and it’s lighter. Steel will feel stiffer in your hands. No matter which one you choose, both will fit into your golf push cart and be easy to move around.

Golf Bag

Several types of golf bags can help you carry the gear. Tour staff bags are a good option if you have a strong back or someone else who carries the bag for you. They have very nice aesthetics but will be bulky and heavy with little storage space. So, if you have a lot of equipment, this is not the right bag for you. These bags are mainly made for professionals who need to show off their sponsors and brands.

If you’re looking for a lot of storage space, go for cart bags. They’re made to fit on the back of a golf cart, can weigh up to 9kg and are bigger than the rest. They’re great for well-organised golfers because they have a lot of pockets and zippers. Stand bags are versatile, have an ergonomic design and a padded back and straps. And last but not least, carry bags. They’re foldable and have many pockets and a hook for your towel. No matter which one you choose, all of them can go on the electric, pull and push golf trolleys.


a pair of balls for golf
source: houseofgolf.com.au

You can buy these in bulk and choose from several types. Distance balls are made to reduce drag. They have increased speed and are perfect for long hits. Control balls are made for accuracy and power. Next are the soft varieties which are perfect for golfers who are looking for precision and better handling.

They also have so-called dimples whose main purpose is to decrease drag and enhance aerodynamics. They provide a smooth flight path for the ball. The dimples’ size, alignment and depth can also vary depending on the manufacturer. Which one you choose, depends on your personal preference and experience level.


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