Bridal Squad on Point: How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes

Once you’ve bought your wedding dress and finalised the intricacies of your bridal look, it’s time to start planning how your bridesmaids will be dressed. Of course, finding their dresses should be your primary priority, but you shouldn’t forget about the other little details that will really make their outfits stand out, like their shoes.

This quick buying guide will assist you in finding the ideal bridesmaid shoes for your girl squad so that everyone looks amazing from head to toe.

Take the Budget Into Account Before Shopping

womens bridesmaid shoes

If you’re feeling generous, it’s a great idea to purchase womens bridesmaid shoes for your besties. In this case, the price range will be entirely up to you.

However, in most cases, it’s the bridesmaids who buy their own footwear. You don’t want to put them further in debt with their bridesmaid shoes because they’ve presumably already spent a considerable lot on their appearance. That said, I advise finding out how much they are willing to spend before beginning to research possibilities in that range.

Another possibility is to incorporate a mix-and-match look by having them wear a pair of shoes they already own. The mix-and-match strategy works beautifully if you plan your wedding to have a quirky and distinctive flair. You can try experimenting with various colours while maintaining the same overall aesthetic.

Consider How Visible the Shoes Would Be

Your bridesmaids probably don’t need to spend a lot of money on their shoes if you asked them to wear floor-length gowns. Why? Since there’s a good probability that nobody will see them. Although it doesn’t imply they should hide their shoes, you can get away with wearing something a little more informal and comfy underneath your dress (like neutral ballet flats or sandals).

Make Sure to Have a Try-On Session

Make Sure to Have a Try-On Session

You will be able to tell which shoes fit your bridesmaids the best when they are all present. Having a try-on session is essential to selecting the best bridesmaid shoes. This will assist you in selecting a model, colour, and style that complements each of your bridesmaids.

Finding a single day when everyone is free is really tough, but it’s crucial for buying bridesmaids’ shoes! With everyone present, you will get a sense of the sizing and styles of the various brands, and it will become clear rather soon which shoes are the best for you.

This discussion is excellent for weeding out the numerous possibilities and deciding whether dyeing, metallic or a mix-and-match option for bridesmaid shoes is the best choice.

Put Comfort First

Your bridesmaids’ shoes should be comfortable. In order to be there for you, they will be on the go the entire day, from the ceremony to the reception to late-night dancing. The last thing they need is painful feet from uncomfortably high heels.

Because of this, wedges, kitten or block heels, or even flats are preferable to stilettos. It is crucial that their shoes provide support and comfort without detracting from the elegance of their costumes. At the end of the day, your pals will be grateful.

Consider the Season

Consider the Season

You should consider how the weather can influence the shoes you choose. For instance, if your wedding is in the spring, be aware that mud and soggy grass may make walking challenging. Bring a spare pair of wedding flats just in case, even if you are an expert at walking in heels.

Closed-toe footwear is essentially a need in the cold (unless you want to freeze your toes off). Look for a stylish pair of closed-toe bridal heels or booties that will protect your toes from the cold — extra points if they can be worn again after the ceremony.

Colour and Material Options

You can coordinate the women’s bridesmaid shoes with their dresses and the wedding decor by picking suitable colours and fabrics. Maintaining a pleasing colour harmony between your bridesmaids’ dresses and shoes is crucial. If the dress is basic, consider making the shoes one of the wedding’s accent colours to add some flair and create a polished, coordinated image.

For their bridesmaids, brides typically choose neutral, metallic, or black colours. You may be confident that these hues will go with your clothing because they go well with many different hues. While metallic shoes will give your bridesmaids the “cool” sensation, neutral sandals and black sandals are elegant and timeless.

When it comes to materials, go for suede or leather if at all possible. They will enjoy wearing these the most. Your bridesmaids will be able to wear them after the ceremony as well.

Whatever You Pick, Make Sure Everyone’s on Board

When it comes to bridesmaid shoes, the options are virtually unlimited. You can easily get lost whether your shoes are open-toed, glittery, metallic, modern, or traditional. It might be challenging to find shoes that fit all likes, styles, sizes, and age groups.

Because of this, you should prepare, do your homework, and most importantly, talk with your bridesmaids. Remember, they too are excited about your big day and want to look their absolute best and most comfortable in order to celebrate with you.


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