What are the Differences Between GSM and CDMA Cell Phones

When buying a phone, most people are not aware that along with many other things, they are also settling on a type of wireless technology and the choice is almost always between GSM and CDMA. They serve the same function, but operate very differently. For example, you can’t use a phone made for AT and T on a Verizon network, or vice versa. This is because CDMA and GSM technologies are the determining factor for this due to them relying on different kind of radio waves.gsm-vs-cdma

What is GSM

GSM, or Global System for Mobile is the most widely used type of this technology. It is used for nearly the majority of cell phonesaround the globe. Using a mobile phone gsm has many advantages. For example, you can easily switch between providers or networks just by getting a new SIM card for your device. These phones are especially usefull for people who travel often and need to switch between networks. This can be easily done because, as the name suggests, the Global System Mobile is used globaly. For instance Europe adopted this technology back in 1980 and hasn’t looked back since and in many states it is required by the law.

What is CDMA

CDMA is short for Code Division Multiple Access. When we are referring to CDMA, we are not talking about a type of technology or network, it is more like a system of networks that has been evolving and has improved over time. Exactly like GSM, all these multiple access technologies provide is a way to cram multiple phone calls and connections into a single radio channel. Their differences lie mainly in what areas have settled on what type and they are linked to certain providers. For example, CDMA is used mostly in the United States and the following providers:Verizon, Spirit, and US Cellular.

Which Technology Should You Chose

There are two factors that go into which option is right for someone – where one lives and what system their provider uses. Most people will find that using a mobile phone gsm is more practical simply because of the extra feature that renders it compatible with any network. Australian networks rely on the GSM standard. This is the same as most other countries, although some places like the US (as previously mentioned) and Japan also rely on CDMA. If you have a CDMA-only phone you ought to know that you won’t be able to access 3G networks in Australia. This means no talk and text. You will be able to access 4G networks, but they are data-only.

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