Shedding Light on Excellence: The Unmatched Brilliance of JETBeam Torches

Whether it’s the first item you reach for during a power outage, or the last item you place in your backpack when you’re prepping for a camping trip, a reliable torch is the most important item you can have. A good torch can help you navigate through the darkness, or help make your presence known in the darkness so that assistance can find its way to you – both situations where having a torch in the hand will feel like it’s worth its weight in gold.

Today’s cutting-edge torch lineups are built to do more than just guide you through emergencies, though. They’re standard equipment in every tradie’s toolbox, and the perfect partners for nighttime hunting expeditions; that’s because the flashlights coming from companies like JETBeam are light years ahead of previous generations of portable light sources.

Multimode JETBeam Torches Set the Standard for Illumination


For more than 20 years, JETBeam has been at the forefront of innovative handheld lighting solutions for both public and private sector users. With a wide selection of lighting devices made especially for outdoor use, law enforcement, and industrial services, JETBeam high-end torches are among the most sought-after in Australia for durability, intelligent design, and above all, powerful illumination.

Make no mistake: today’s torches are a long way from the standard body/bulb/battery combinations of earlier-era flashlights. Starting with super high-performance LED and LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) light sources, modern, heavy-duty JETBeam torches are among the toughest, and most technologically advanced illumination devices you can buy, with an array of specifications that include:

  • Intense > 3900-lumen multimode outputs with long throw beams up to 2300m;
  • Lightweight, high-strength aerospace alloys like aircraft-grade aluminium and titanium;
  • Rugged IPX-8 ratings against water intrusion up to 2 metres, and up to 1 metre impact resistance;
  • Constant, temperature-controlled digital circuitry with anti-reverse protection; and,
  • 110 hours service interval on a compatible rechargeable micro USB, when on an ECO setting.

With their compact diameters, easy-grip ergonomics, and optimized switching access, JETBeam flashlights are perfect for hunting, camping, or any occasion that requires effective, pinpoint lighting. And you only have to look at what JETBeam puts into each of their torch’s multimode functionality to understand why they’re the undisputed standard when it comes to handheld lighting.

JETBeam Makes Torches and Handheld Lighting for All Occasions


Whether it’s to light the way when you’re outdoors, or for all-round handheld convenience indoors, there’s a JETBeam light for every situation; and their premium lighting selection features a robust range of torches that include:

  • EDC (Everyday Carry) torches. Powerful, compact EDC torches like JETBeam’s MINI ONE and JET BEAM models are designed to fit perfectly in a backpack or jacket pocket, produce up to 2000 lumen, and can utilize either AAA or Li-ion battery, or USB-powered options.
  • Hunting and Tactical torches. The rugged JETBeam tactical flashlight range, together with their high-powered hunting torches, are the market leaders in tough, USB-rechargeable illumination for no-nonsense field duty, and are capable of producing massive 3980 lumen outputs.
  • Headlamps. With their comfortable sweat-free headbands, JETBeam’s fixed-beam and rotatable headlamps are as suitable for camping and climbing, as they are for car repairs and construction, and boast a full 950 lumen output from only 3x AAA batteries.
  • Photography lights. Ultra slim white, and full-colour red, green, and blue photography fill lights are tripod mountable illumination sources that feature adjustable warm and cold colour modes, are ideal for live streaming and videography, and when charged, can also be used as power banks for other devices.

And to give owners every opportunity to be able to get maximum use from their handhelds, JETBeam torches Australia also offers a selection of accessories like torch and rail mounts that allow their devices to be attached to ute light bars or bicycle frames, or extension tubes that make it possible to add up to 2 additional batteries.

Understanding the Lighting Sources Behind JETBeam’s Efficiency


From their sturdy aero-grade aluminium bodies and military-grade HAIII anodised finishes, to their digitally regulated functionality, JETBeam torches have all the attributes you’d expect from high-quality handheld illumination. Everything revolves around the source of illumination itself, though; and not surprisingly, that’s where JETBeam’s ability to get the most from every LED and LEP light source really shines through.

High-powered Cree LEDs are the mainstay of JETBeam’s hardiest torches. They offer unrivalled density and intensity for their size, and offer an array of advantages that include:

  • Optimized for outdoor, and premium indoor illumination;
  • Availability in standard white LED bins of 3000K to 7000K CCT (correlated colour temperature);
  • A choice of up to 5 output modes, and 2 strobe modes; and,
  • Ordinary lifespans up to 50,000 hours.

JETBeam is also a leading integrator of cutting-edge, solid-state LEP lighting sources in their torches. LEP technology utilizes a focused blue laser on a phosphor-mounted element to produce a narrower, more powerful output than other torch types, along with an array of benefits that include:

  • Higher beam concentration, and greater illumination distance than LEDs;
  • Increased light/laser diode efficiency over LEDs; and,
  • Ordinary lifespans up to 20,000 hours.

The fact is, not only does JET Beam light the way with the best of today’s LED offerings, but it also utilizes the best in tomorrow’s LEP technology. And with proper care and maintenance, you never have to worry about their torches being up to the job.

The Final Word


At the end of the day, careful consideration is the key to choosing the right torch. Reliability and brightness have to be your main focus, and how and where you intend to use your light are factors that can’t be ignored.

Whether it’s for everyday carry, or strictly for emergencies, JETBeam makes durable, high-end torches for every contingency. It’s the most worthwhile investment in handheld illumination that you can make, and one that you can expect to get years of uncompromised service out of.


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