Four Cardio Activities That Are Not Jogging

Cardio workouts are the most dreaded and at the same time the most common type of workouts. Cardio means you’re going to sweat – a lot. This is the best type of workout you can offer to your body, so make sure the next time you’re exercising you don’t skip the cardio part. And although many people think running is the best cardio workout, I have to tell you, most of them are wrong. There are many equally beneficial activities and exercises that can improve your cardiovascular system.


It’s not just a great physical activity, it’s also a great way to explore nature. Book your weekend mornings for a hike on the nearest mountain and you’ll feel the difference withing a week. Also, you’ll be surrounded with fresh, unpolluted air and that’s sure something urban sites can no loner offer. So if you’re not really the jogging type, put on your shoes and hit the nearest mountain trail.

Jump Rope

Remember how much we all loved playing with the jump rope when we were little? Well this thing is trendy again! First, you’re going to need to practice a little bit to get in the game, but after a few sessions you should be just fine. The jumping rope exercise is fun and addictive and it is sure to make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Once you have the jump rope in your hand, try to do as many jumps as you can in a 30 minute period. Repeat the exercise after five minutes of rest.
Cardio Machines

Cardio Machines

Gyms are the best place to get in the exercising game, but sometimes we feel too embarrassed to show our “workout” skills in front of the many bodybuilders and fitness instructors. I myself have experienced this embarrassing feeling first hand and I really hate to end up looking like a loser. That’s why I decided to look for cardio machines suitable for homes and it became my best ally. A daily one-hour workout on the cardio machine is enough, but make sure you rest at least one day in the week because keeping your body exhausted at all times is not good.


Get that bike out of your garage and replace it with your car. Instead of going to work with a car or a bus, opt for a more eco-freindly and at the same time healthier way to ride: on two wheels. Even though it doesn’t really seem as a cardio workout, cycling is really beneficial for your cardiovascular health; it’s not as extreme as the other exercises on the list and it’s recommended for people who have cardiovascular problems. Cycling moves your body without causing too much fatigue and that’s why it’s perfect for anyone who likes to keep their muscles in shape.

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