HDPE Planter: The Perfect Solution for Either Indoor or Outdoor Use

If you are a fan of gardening but live in a home with limited space, you may consider growing plants in raised beds. This way of gardening is very on trend now as it allows people who live in urban spaces to grow basically any kind of vegetable, fruit, herbs and flowers, indoor or outdoor. Available in a variety of materials including wood, ceramic, fiberglass, etc., the preferable choice are HDPE planters.

HDPE Planter

HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and is a type of recycled plastic that is extremely durable and non-leaching. Plus is it extremely safe as it transmits no known chemicals into soil. And considering that there are models designed with self watering systems that feature a built-in-water reservoir, it’s no surprise HDPE planters are the super convenient way of gardening, especially for those with busy schedules. So why don’t you too join the urban garden community and order HDPE planter online and reap all the benefits.


HDPE is a material that stands up well to use. It is resistant to chipping or cracking, even in extreme weather conditions. Planters made from this material are commonly guaranteed for life.


HDPE is a stable material meaning it does not leach any chemicals, toxic or otherwise, into the soil. Plus, it does not twist, shrink, or warp over time and does not contract or expand during periods of vigorous cold or hot weathers.


In addition to being easy to use, HDPE planters are also ideal for decorating. Available in a variety of styles and colours, you can not only use them for growing flowers or vegetables or herbs but you can also use pots as accent piece on your balcony, patio or porch.

Smooth Finish

The appearance of HDPE pots remains consistent even after years of exposure to different environmental elements. And because the colour is added before the molten material is poured into the mould, the colour gets into the boards. This means, in case the sides of the planter get scratched, it will hardly shows as the colour below is the same.

Easy Maintenance

Surface can be easily cleaned with just a wet sponge. Since you can find HDPE planter online and offline available in white and grey colours, if you decide to go with these colours you will need to clean them from time to time to keep their appearances.

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