Truck Driver Lifestyle: How to Stay Healthy


Though we’ve come to be accustomed to stress practically on a daily basis, there are some professions that bring more stress than others, truck driving being one of them. It’s a job that revolves around deadlines and all sorts of risks, and I don’t only refer to those related to the road safety and accidents. Since it’s a job that’s done sitting hours on end, it’s known to pose serious threats to the driver’s health, from discomfort in the form of neck and back aches, to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

The Comfortable Seat

The solution isn’t that complicated, however, and it’s neither quitting the job nor changing the profession altogether but rather taking short breaks often just to stretch your legs and changing your truck driver seats with ergonomic and comfortable alternative that doesn’t lack in style either. You’d be surprised to find out how much of a difference these seats make considering they’re created to provide you with benefits. For one, they’re height adjustable, including the damper, armrests, seat belt and the air operated side bolsters, plus they’ve also got integrated heating and cooling, comfort seat cushion, and dual air lumbar support and backrest allowing you to maintain good posture.

truck driver seats1

The Meals

Changing the truck driver seats is the first step to improving well-being and it should be followed by the change in meals. If you weren’t being mindful with your diet, making sure that you stick to eating three meals daily, now is the time to do so, as having breakfast, lunch and dinner would help you cut down on cravings and snacks. Speaking of snacks, you can’t fill your truck with unhealthy processed foods but ought to pick the healthy snacks instead, like fruits and veggies; an apple a day does keep the doctor away!

The Exercise

You’re thinking the lifestyle of a truck driver and exercise don’t go well together, and you’re wrong because it’s easy to incorporate some workout even while you’re driving. For instance, you could work on your abs by squeezing them for a minute or two, and repeat that for as long as you can, setting yourself some rules such as doing this exercise after every kilometre you pass. Don’t forget to bring along some of your workout equipment, it could be anything, including your dumbells and use them in case you come across a truck-stop gym or even a park; what better way to use a break than by working out? You could still be a truck driver and be healthy, all it takes is combining a healthy diet with exercising for some minutes daily, two components also to quality sleep and it’s something to be taken seriously knowing how driver fatigue leads to accidents.

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