Forklifts Of Different Classes Available Online – Part 2

Class IV

Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Cushion Tires) – The cushion-tired forklift trucks are exclusively used on smooth dry floors for transporting pallets from loading docks and storage areas. These forklift trucks are very maneuverable on smooth surfaces and are intended more for indoor use, though they are capable of lifting very heavy loads. The most common use of these forklift trucks is transporting loads from storage warehouses to loading docks and similar low-clearance applications.

Class V

Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Pneumatic Tires) – The most common forklifts in Melbourne warehouses are the internal combustion engine pneumatic tired forklift trucks. Class V forklifts can be used both inside and outside of warehouses, so they can be practically used for all kinds of applications. Most of these forklifts have a large capacity and are capable of handling large and heavy loads. Although they usually feature internal combustion engines, the forklifts of Class V can run on diesel, gas and LPG systems.

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Class VI

Electric And Internal Combustion Engine Tractors – Class VI forklift trucks are also very versatile and suitable for many different lifting and moving applications. These also run on a combustion engine, but can run on other energy types as well. Many operators of forklifts Melbourne prefer battery-powered forklift trucks, though they are limited to indoor applications for best performance. For best outdoor performance, they must be equipped with internal combustion engines and not with any other engine type. However, these electric and internal combustion engine forklift trucks are capable of handling multiple types of jobs and transporting applications.

Class VII

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks – The last class of forklifts is the one that includes the heavy-duty forklifts, specialized for rough terrains and outdoor usage. Rough terrain forklifts are suitable for the applications that are unable to be completed with any other forklift type, as well as on natural, rough, improved or disturbed terrain at construction job sites. However, when operating with these forklifts on difficult terrains, the operators must be extremely cautious. Rough terrain forklift trucks come with large and heavy-duty tires that can maneuver and operate on dirt, sand, gravel and even rocks. So, these forklifts are the best option for heavy-duty outdoor lifting and moving applications.

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