The Psychology of Colours in Working Clothes

waiter and waitress wearing blue working uniform

When you think about the most important aspects of working clothes, the first things that pop in your head are how comfortable they are, how long they can last and how stylish they are. These are indeed important factors to reflect on when choosing a working uniform, and the order of importance applies as well. However, there is another major factor that is often times not given the full attention it deserves and that is colour. Making sure your employees are dressed in uniforms that convey the message you want to send to your customers is essential, and the best way to do this is precisely with colour.

blue apron

Colour plays a major role in our lives, influencing our mood and emotions. The colour of your clothes can make you feel confident or uneasy and most of the time it speaks volumes about your personality. The same goes for working clothes as they tend to have similar effect. Think of the world’s largest chains of fast food for instance: McDonalds and Burger King. Does the colour of the employees’ uniforms come up in your mind easily? Of course, red and yellow. And why is that so? Because they have successfully achieved their goal to catch your attention by choosing the right colour. In the light of these facts, let’s see what’s the psychology behind the 4 most commonly used colours, along with some extra tips on how to choose the perfect colour for your business.

Red for Apetite

waiter wearing red apron

Interestingly enough, studies have found that red stimulates our appetite. That is why it is often seen in restaurants. Apart from that, it creates an aura of confidence and emits energy, passion and positivity. On the other hand, red can be a bit aggressive, so the best way to balance things out is by adding another colour with colder undertones to create the right impression. Red polo shirts, for instance, can have a great effect in the food industry for attracting the attention of customers.

Blue for Trust

navy apron

The best way to achieve positive emotional response is by choosing blue. It oozes trust, responsibility, loyalty and reliability. It doesn’t stand out at first glance, but that doesn’t subdue it power. Blue is most commonly used in corporate uniforms where trust is the key message the company wants to convey. It is also the safest colour of all, which is liked both by men and women. It creates a modern ambience, especially when different hues of blue are used. For instance, wearing a navy apron over the working clothes encourages a relaxed, modern and trustworthy look. For even more playful look, the straps of the navy apron can be of a different colour, something that would contrast the dark blue hue such as pink, red or yellow.

Green for Nature

green apron

Green is associated with growth, healing, balance, vitality, renewal and calmness. It is also connected to fertility. For this reason, green is most often used in health centres, pharmacies and garden centres. Moreover, green is the best solution for anyone who works outside or with animals, such as vets and zoo staff. You can choose among green polo shirts and pants, or aprons with variants of green, such as olive, jade, forest, mint, army or moss to create a balanced look.

Yellow for Hope

Maybe the most positive colour among all. It represents optimism, hope, creativity and friendliness and that is why it is often seen as the colour choice for charity uniforms. Also, in professions that have to do with childcare, yellow is considered to evoke warmth, hospitality and entertainment. Yellow sweaters or waistcoats are appropriate for the colder seasons, and yellow blouses and dress shirts for the warmer.

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