Different Types Of Vinyl Floor Available Online

Vinyl flooring is a perfect flooring solution for every home because it is affordable and capable of mimicking materials like wood or stone. It is also a strong material. Some would say even stronger than some natural materials because it can withstand scratches, cracks, chips, etc. In other words, vinyl is highly durable material. The reason for this is the protective wear layer which can withstand the daily tear and wear. One factor to consider when selecting a flooring is the thickness of the wear layer. Generally, the thicker the wear layer, the more expensive the vinyl floor.

Types Of Vinyl Floor

The next layer is the photographic one. This is the most appealing part, because it shows the colour and style (stone effect, wood, concrete, slate styles, along with more abstract designs like metallic, tread-plate, glass and stardust effects). The stabilizing layer is also very important because the photographic layer needs to be adhered to something. This base layer is basically a barrier between the top layers and the sub-floor. If you are looking to buy vinyl flooring online, consider following things.

Vinyl flooring types – Generally, there are two different vinyl flooring types:


It is available in tile or sheet format, which means it is homogeneous in its structure, thus perfect for high traffic areas. Solid vinyl flooring is made by adding vinyl granules or chips which create a unique pattern and colour.


This type of vinyl comes only in sheet format and consists of foam core, backing, decorative and a clear layer.

Vinyl Floor Shapes And Sizes

Solid vinyl sheets

Usually available in rolls and most commonly used in hospitals. Sheets create a seamless floor which make it perfect for high traffic areas, especially for areas prone to moisture. You can find this flooring in a speckled or plain colour.

Solid vinyl tiles

Great for high traffic areas, but can easily be damaged by water or moisture. The main benefit of the vinyl tiles is the easy installation and replacement.

Composition vinyl sheets

Perfect for areas where there is high moisture or where water may be spilled, making it a great flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms. You can find this vinyl available in wide range of colours and patterns.

Vinyl planks

When looking to buy vinyl flooring online, do a little research and consider the vinyl planks which are very similar to the tiles. They are more flexible and are available in different designs. This product is very durable and can be used in commercial applications.

Surface finish

No wax

This surface isn’t treated and will require a proper maintenance after installation. This vinyl floor needs to be polished often and washed regularly in order to keep it shiny.


This vinyl is highly resistant to scratches and only requires to be vacuumed or swept periodically.

Enhanced urethane

More durable and resistant than the regular urethane coating.

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