Forklifts Of Different Classes Available Online – Part 1

Since the early 1920s, the forklifts in Sydney have been extensively used in a variety of workplaces that require lifting and moving large pallets and material. Today, a forklift can be found in every warehouse around the world, because it offers high efficiency, versatility and durability. The original design was developed when an attachment for a vertical lifting was attached on a tractor. Since the design has changed to accommodate various lifting demands.

Today there is a wide range of different forklifts, each suitable to specific application. They differ in many terms, fuel options, power options, lifting capacities, etc. However, there are seven classes of forklifts that indicate the application and fuel option of the model. To know which forklift class to use, operators must be properly and accordingly trained and certified.

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Class I

Electric Motor Rider Trucks – Class I includes compact trucks able to attach motor riders in the front and suitable to lifting and moving heavy items. The forklifts feature both cushion and pneumatic tires, thus are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Cushion-tired forklifts Sydney are widely used for indoor applications on smooth floors, while pneumatic-tired models are used for dry outdoor applications. These forklifts are powered by industrial batteries and control the hoist and travel functions with transistor motor controllers. From loading docks to storage facilities, these forklifts are incredibly versatile and suitable for many applications.

Class II

Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks – Forklifts included in Class II are most suitable for companies that deal with narrow aisle operations. Out of all forklifts Sydney offers, these are the only ones able to fit and maneuver in tight areas. This means that they are of very compact size, light in weight and faster than any other forklift type. Also, the narrow aisle trucks allow the contractors to make the most use of floor and storage space.

Class III

Electric Motor Hand Trucks – Class III features hand operated forklift trucks, which are controlled by operators sitting in front. These machines are controlled with a steering tiller which has all controls positioned on the top and is moved from side to side to steer the forklift trucks. The Class III forklifts Sydney market offers are powered by batteries. Bigger and more powerful forklift trucks require high-capacity batteries.

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