Hyster Reach Stacker Available Online

For cost-efficient material handling operations, it is extremely important to have reliable work resources and machines for successful work and positive results. One of the most commonly used material handling machines that can be seen at every dockyard and warehouse is the reach stacker. This powerful and compact machine is generally used for lifting and stacking heavy containers.

The first reach stacker was invented in 1980 in Sweden. Since then, many manufacturers all around the world introduced reach stacker models with different lifting capabilities and functions. Today, there is a wide range of reach stackers on the market, but not all of them stand for powerful performance, flexibility, and cost-efficient operation.


One of the most reputable manufacturers for reach stackers in the world is Hyster. In its product range, this American manufacturer includes forklifts, container handlers, pallet trucks, tow tractors, order pickers, pallet stackers, reach stakers, and other material handling solutions. The reach stacker is one of the top-selling products from Hyster. That’s because this machine offers many benefits and advantages for the operators, such as:

Innovative Features

Every reach stacker from Hyster comes with many innovative features that allow the operators to complete many tasks quickly and efficiently. Easy to use and operate, ergonomically designed controls, and with great stacking capabilities, the reach stackers from Hyster are perfect solution for every container handling task.

The newest reach stackers from Hyster come with new boom design that offers more lifting capabilities. This new boom provides the operators more options and reduce the operating costs significantly.

Sliding Cab Mechanism

For more comfort and reduced operator fatigue, the Hyster reach stacker comes with sate of art cabin that includes sliding cab mechanism. The sliding cab mechanism is innovative technology that guarantees an outstanding visibility for the operator. Furthermore, this new technology ensures safe operation, more control, and precise movements. Thanks to the innovative sliding cab mechanism, the operator can use the reach stacker even for the most toughest applications.

Surpassing Quality & Durability

As stated above, there are many reach stacker models on the market, but not all of them stand for quality and durability. The Hyster reach stacker is made of high-quality materials, strong frame and boom construction that ensures stability when heavy containers are lifted from the ground. Made from durable materials that can withstand heavy containers, the Hyster reach stacker will serve you in the long run.


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