Create a Bedroom That Speaks the Language of Love with French Furniture

Out of the many bedroom design options at your disposal, the French provincial style is the absolute winner for many good reasons. French inspired bedrooms succeed in marrying comfort and good looks. With hand carved wooden furniture pieces, these bedrooms bring back the sensibility of old Province, while the thick soft bedding points out that this area is all about relaxation. The whole dreamy story is further enhanced by the calm and welcoming hues that evoke Provence’s fresh lavender fields. Read on about the most important elements of the bedroom which speaks the language of love.

French Bedroom Furniture

A Romantic Colour Palette

It’s well-known that everything French is all about love and romance. Therefore, for setting the tune of a proper French bedroom, you need to adopt a romantic colour palette. Most French bedroom furniture Australia stores pieces are in creamy white. And white should dominate a French inspired bedroom because it’s a colour that looks sophisticated and at the same time relaxing. Additional colour splashes on pillows, picture frames and other ornaments should come in airy hues that create a soft atmosphere, such as sky blue, sage green, pastel tints of orange and yellow. These lovely natural hues befit Provence’s breathtaking landscapes and incorporating them is a great way to give a nod to the birthplace of French home design. Go natural and avoid extremely bold colours and metallics which have nothing to do in your French inspired bedroom.

The Beauty of The Bed

The key to a French inspired bed is a sweet but wide bed frame, and if it comes with a footboard – even better. Here, timber is the material of choice, and like with all French furniture pieces, it too should preferably have a white painted finish. To add accent, choose a headboard with a simple design such as crown moulding or charming wainscoting details. Cosy and inviting, that’s the French style’s bedding of choice. That’s precisely why you should narrow down your search on white cotton sheets. Embellishments with interesting designs such as S-shaped scrolls or French motifs like toile, paisley or the iconic fleur-de-lis will make the bedding look exquisite. The colour of the pillows is not restricted to white and you are free to include some cool blue which is always good for creating a relaxing environment.

The Little Touches that Matter

It’s the little touches you choose to include that can help bring all the major elements together in a dreamy French provincial story. Since the French bedroom is not all about looks, but also focuses on the practical, try including accent furniture pieces that also have a purpose. For instance, a small console table with double drawers can be the go-to place for keeping your everyday essentials like keys, combs, perfume and make-up. And no French bedroom is ever complete without a large classy wardrobe consisting of a combination of drawers for your clothes and shelves for your bedtime books. The classy ornate furnishings will only be further accentuated with the right mirrors, rugs, lighting and artwork. Don’t be afraid to include a flee market candelabra which can be the perfect antique touch that a French bedroom needs.

As you can see, this romantic and dreamy style has moved far past its country’s barriers and managed to conquer the whole world. Therefore, it is no wonder that for French bedroom furniture Australia stores always reserve a prominent spot.

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