How To Choose Work Station Desks Where Form And Function Get Along

An ergonomic work station desk can make sitting in an office a much more pleasant experience for any person that spends the majority of his working hours in front of a computer. There are two main things to consider when choosing a work station desk, both equally important and when combined, they can bring the ultimate office job experience: functionality and form.

Now first I’ll talk about the potential forms and styles of work station desks. They can vary in every aspect, starting from their surface, which can be either laminate (the most commonly used one), metal, (the most durable one) and in recent times, even tempered glass is gaining more and more popularity.

Work Station Desks

Shape-wise, there are many different shapes that can give you a significant advantage to manipulate the space necessary for your work activities. Such shapes are: the rectangular, corner, body pocket ( also know as the ā€œUā€ shape ), the ā€œLā€ shape. Each one of these has it’s own advantages, depending on what tools and accessories are used most frequently and how much space you are willing to spare.

A well shaped work station desk surely is essential, but there are many ways to enhance it and improve its functionality.

  • If using a computer, make sure the monitor is at a arms length distance from the chair, it needs to have enough room for your mouse and keyboard, built in holes for several wires to be able go through.
  • Having multiple drawers so you can store large amounts of content which can be accessed within arm’s reach can prove to be very convenient.
  • Having a space of at least a meter for your legs underneath the desk is also of utmost importance, as it’s one of the most essential assets when it comes to comfort.
  • Sometimes less is more, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have much space in your office, a small desk can prove to be more than enough if organized properly.
  • Desk height is also very important, as if it’s too high or too low, sitting in an inappropriate position will cause back pain, which can affect the work.

To summarize, with all the aforementioned things taken into consideration, the next choice of a work station desk is guaranteed to be simplified by a large margin, the thought process minimized and the newly bought desk fully utilized!

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