The Amazing Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries now, over which they’ve acquired a number of uses. Take the Ancient Egyptians for example who used essential oil blends for just about everything. Cleopatra implemented almond oil in her daily skin care routine, while priests would use various oil mixtures in the process of embalming. If Cleopatra was such a seductress, despite looking rather average (even for that time), and Egyptian mummies can remain preserved for thousands of years, then surely essential oils must have some miraculous properties.

essential oils

And they totally do, plenty of them too! Ditch your candles, and go out shopping or order online essential oils with aromatherapy properties. Unlike candles which can only trigger your sense of smell, essential oils can go beyond that. Not only does the mere whiff of a concentrated oil such as lavender or rosemary smell pleasantly soothing, it can also travel into your bloodstream when inhaled. This in turn, helps reduce cortisol and triggers the production of oxytocin – the hormone of calmness, love, and healing. You can apply a few drops on your pillow to help your sleep, but you can also use them throughout the day with an essential oil diffuser.

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But stress does not affect only our minds, it can also affect our muscles. And there’s nothing better like a relaxing massage to unwind them. Ylang ylang, geranium, coriander and other essential oils aside from promoting relaxation, can also trigger the circulatory system which will feed the muscles with more oxygen and help speed up regeneration. It’s important that the person who’s doing the massage does not apply too much pressure that can make you feel sore. If there’s no-one around to massage you, worry not – there are plenty of ways you can massage yourself.

Not only do essential oils have a beneficial effect on your well-being, they can also help treat certain health problems such as colds. Eucalyptus oil can be very healing when you’re fighting the cold or flu. By rubbing a few drops of it on your chest, you can decrease the pain from coughing. Eucalyptus, together with peppermint, lemongrass and lime, when inhaled can help you unblock a stuffy nose, as well as treat a more serious sinus problem. And if you’re feeling too sick to go out and shop, many online essential oils stores will gladly ship their products to your front door.

All in all, essential oils despite being an ancient remedy, are no old-wives tale. Doctors and scientists have confirmed that these 100% natural products have strong therapeutic properties, help fight bacteria, and even viruses. An effective cure, with no side effects. Who wouldn’t want that!

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