Passion for Fashion: Advice on How to Buy & Wear Cardigans for Women

The right choice of the cardigan can be a closet staple worth stockpiling. Apart from improving your outfit, it is also the ideal piece to have with you on those end-of-summer chilly nights to keep you warm. However, when choosing one, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Don’t forget to consider the fit – some models are meant to be worn looser, while others are more elegant. Material, colour and the price point are also things worth considering.

womens cardigan

Just like with any other piece of clothing, the piece of womens cardigan you choose should reflect your personal style. For example, if you are more into bohemian clothing, consider ethnic print cardigans. If you are more eccentric, look for bold colours. If you need something more classic for the office, then a couple of belted and shawl cardings would be a perfect choice. Also, when buying womens cardigan, it is important to know your body type as this will help you decide what type of cardigan will complement your silhouette best.

types of women body

  • Hourglass – If this is your body shape, I believe your aim is to show off your well-defined waist. Some of the good options for you would be cardigans that are belted and/or nipped at the waist. Wrap sweaters that can be wrapped with a waist belt will help you to show off your hourglass body. Low necklines will bring attention to your waist -sweaters with bust enhancing necklines like bustier, sweetheart and scoop are other good choices. Look for a style that’s past the thighs or extends just below the hipbone.
  • Pear – The cardigan should help you draw the attention away from your wide hips and put it on your top. With this in mind, some of the best cardigan styles for you would be ones with wide or rounded necklines, light-coloured, sweaters with chest, shoulder, sleeve and neckline details. Also, cardigans with a bust-enhancing neckline, printed and embellished women cardigans, sweaters that are a few centimetres above your hipline and cardigans with a busy or thicker texture.
  • Triangle – Choose a cardigan that will soften your wide shoulder line. Because of that, look for soft and drapery fabric cardigans as rigid and thick materials will add more bulk to your look. Make sure you get a cardigan with no or minimal interest and soft sleeves and shoulders. If you want to buy something playful, then look for vertical details as this will draw the eye up and down. A nipped waist cardigan will help you look like you have smaller hips.
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  • Apple – The cardigan should help you draw the eye upwards and slim down your midsection. So, a cardigan with shoulder, sleeve and neckline details would be a perfect choice. One with structured shoulders is also a good option as it will help you keep the attention on your upper body. Other good options for you are cardigans that skim over your midsection and ones with lowish necklines that will slim your upper body and draw the eye up and down.
  • Rectangle – The cardigan you choose should help you create curves from your waist and waist down. A cardigan with a nipped waist and flaring from the waist down would be a nice choice for your figure. You can choose one with prints, details and textures from the bust and up. Your goal is to make your midriff look smaller, so a cardigan with details on the waist or one with a black belt would fit you perfectly. When it comes to colours, opt for something light and bright.

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