TENS Machine Guide: Say Goodbye to Chronic and Arthritis Back Pain

The human body is truly amazing. It is a super complex structure made out of many systems and organs that all work together constantly for the purpose of fulfilling the basic functions needed for survival. However, this doesn’t make us perfect. Unfortunately, we humans are definitely not immune to most of the threats that we face on a daily basis. Certain illnesses, conditions or simply the act of aging can cause us all kinds of discomfort. Even choosing the right bedroom mattress can play a huge role in our overall body health.

To make the discomfort more bearable, most of us turn to all sorts of drugs meant for treating chronic or short term pain symptoms. But, a lot of studies have shown that taking painkillers and other similar substances regularly will surely lead to a whole other range of complications. So, what else can you do? Well, a very popular invention that has been very popular on the markets has been the impeccable TENS machine. It is the ideal product specifically made to help you bear and possibly treat body ache. Now, what is a TENS unit supposed to do and how can it benefit you? 

All There Is to Know About the TENS Unit

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TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This means that this product can target and stimulate the nerve endings with the use of electrical pulses transmitted through the skin. The pulses are produced from electrodes that are placed on top of the area being treated. The purpose of this stimulation is to block the persistent pain signals that come to the brain. So, if you are looking for a way to relieve pain and release body tension, then the top-quality TENS machine is the perfect choice for you!

Now, when should you and when should you not use it? Before we get into that, firstly let’s clear upon the actual instructions of this unit. If you don’t know how to properly use it, then the treatment will be completely useless and might be a bit dangerous too. So, beginning with the TENS pads, it’s important to mention that their correct placement is what makes this remedy so efficient. After you have determined which area of your body is hurting, then you can have a better idea of where the pads need to go. 

Now, most units come with four electrodes while some of them come with two. Regardless, it’s important to have them be on the edges of the hurting area, each of them placed parallel to each other. The distance between them should always be somewhere around the length of 1 inch. Note that you should never place them on joints and bones as they will be ineffective and might fall off. Consult with your physiotherapist to ensure you are doing it the right way.

Next up, remember to be cautious. After all, you will be dealing with an electrical device, so be sure to stay safe. First, always turn on the machine after you have placed and secured the electrodes. Secondly, never place them on top of metals like jewellery and belts or on top of moles or other areas where your skin is damaged. Don’t turn up the intensity thinking it will help you relieve pain faster. The process should be slow and comfortable lasting up to 30 minutes, while the feeling should be similar to a slight tingling sensation. Before removing the pads, always turn off the TENS device. Also, don’t intend on using it while driving or during other activities which require your undivided attention.

Lastly, as mentioned above, it’s crucial to know the indications and contraindications of using this machine. It provides best results when used on people who are dealing with: arthritis, sports injuries, multiple sclerosis, joint and back pain, period and labour pain, spinal cord injuries or post-operative pain. As for the contraindications, they should be avoided by people who: are dealing with heart problems, have a pacemaker or different kind of metal implant, have epilepsy or are pregnant.

The Advantages of Owning a TENS Device

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Now that you know the basics of using the portable TENS unit, it’s time to talk about the various health benefits that come with this outstanding product.

  • Offers instant pain relief – In just a few minutes after using the device, you will feel the pain starting to disappear;
  • Aids in nerve regeneration – Can help retrain your body’s nerves, even damaged ones;
  • Causes little to no side effects – While some treatments come with a long list of harmful side effects, here there are very few, non-dangerous reactions that can occur;
  • Perfectly mimics a nice massage session – No need to spend extra money on a massage therapist;
  • Suitable for a large number of conditions – Can be used on a wide range of conditions, from arthritis and back pain to urinary incontinence;
  • Can be used in the comfort of your own home – You won’t need to leave your cosy bed in order to use this device;
  • Easy to use and portable – Instructions are very simple and easy to learn, while the unit itself is portable and can be used anywhere you would like;
  • Is an affordable and non-invasive therapy option – As opposed to other treatments, this one is definitely a very affordable option and it’s non-invasive!


Overall, the bitter truth is that pain is inevitable in the journey that is existence, no matter how hard we try to stay safe and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that we should let all be and be completely careless. Investing in your personal TENS device is exactly what you can do to prevent pain from taking over your daily routine. Opting for a comfy and adjustable bed along with anatomically correct pillows will also help your body feel better and free of discomfort. Remember, it’s your own lifestyle choices that determine just how you will feel in your skin.


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