Sleeping Comfort Has a New Name – Adjustable Beds

It’s the 21st century and almost everything has gone electric – our toothbrushes, teapots, hey, even our cars. But I would never have thought that something as straightforward as a bed would also greatly benefit from electricity. However, what was unimaginable for me – it was a goal to reach for bed manufacturers on the mission to make sleeping and relaxing in bed as comfortable as it could possibly get.

Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds were first introduced to hospitals and nursery homes with the aim of making the prolonged stay of patients a bit more pleasant. But today, there are many models with contemporary designs suitable for home use as well. I figured there has to be a lot of benefits toadjustable beds that make them so popular among Australians. Out of curiosity, I did some research on the matter which ended up in me wanting to own one. Here’s what I found.

Increased Comfort

We’ve all experienced periods when we felt totally comfortable sleeping in our bed one night, only for it to feel as of like lying in bed full of thorns. Having the option to adjust it in whatever position works for you best is quite helpful for having a good night’s sleep. The top quality adjustable beds also feature a so called “zero gravity” option which relaxes the spine and muscles by creating a feeling of weightlessness. Who wouldn’t want to drift off to dreamland in a space-like environment. Bye, bye, insomnia!

Helps with Respiratory Conditions and Snoring

Let’s be honest, we all snore from time to time. But there are some extremely unlucky ones who snore so often and so loud that it hinders their quality of sleep and that of their partner’s. Sleeping with the upper body slightly elevated is known to free up the airways and help with breathing. Putting the bed in a slightly raised position allows for an undisrupted oxygen flow to the lungs which helps with conditions such as sleep apnoea, asthma and prevents snoring. People with sinus problems and frequent colds can also benefit from an adjustable bed. No more grasping for air at night!

Prevents Acid Reflux at Night

Many people dread going to bed because of frequent acid reflux that burns their digestive tract so bad that it leaves them without sleep. This happens due to the horizontal positioning of the body which allows the stomach acid to flow into the oesophagus reaching as far as the throat. If you do not treat it in time, acid reflux can develop into a very painful and serious condition known as GERD . Doctors advice sleeping with your upper body in a 20 degrees angle relative to your lower body. Sleeping on an adjustable bed in this position can prevent acid from getting into your oesophagus, and also help with better digestion.

Helps with Injuries and Relieves Back Pain

People recovering at home from an accident or injury that has left them immobilized are the ones that can benefit most from these ergonomic beds. This type of bed enables them to lie for long periods of time without putting a strain on the body and causing bedsores. Moreover, the adjustable bed can be tweaked to put the body in a natural position that reduces the stress on the spine and relaxes the muscles, thus relieving back pain.


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