Stylish Lantern Designs Available Online

Do you think that your garden is dull and uninviting? Then, it’s time to give it a makeover. Spruce up your garden without breaking the bank with few inspiring lantern designs available online. You won’t be able to recognize your place after the makeover. Small things make big difference. The lanterns in the past were used for lightening a place, but today their purpose is more versatile. They look fantastic when placed on decks, mantels and consoles. They immediately steal your attention.


Illuminate your living space with unique and decorative lanterns. Lanterns add ambiance and play a vital role in setting the mood. Here are some budget-friendly lantern designs you can use in your home:

Lanterns As Candle-Holders

Light up your home with stylish candle holders. The lanterns are ideal for holding various candles. Simply put a battery-operated candle inside and create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. You can also add flowers, leaves, fake snow or pines inside the lantern to welcome the upcoming season. Make the summer nights more enjoyable by hanging stylish lanterns on a tree branch or underneath a table in the garden.


Lanterns As Garden Decoration

Porches and patios are ideal places where you can spend some time when the weather becomes warmer. Create romantic summer nights by placing stylish lanterns in your garden. They look good during the day, and give a romantic vibe at night. You don’t have to spend too much time or money to elevate the ambiance in your backyard. Simply mark the path with several stylish lanterns or place them around your outdoor furniture.

Lanterns Above The Door

Lanterns are perfect for decorating the front door of your house. There are many lantern designs on the market which can be used as front door decorations. You will find different models and shapes available online. Choose a lantern that matches the design of your house. If your house is more Asian-oriented, then look for Japanese lanterns. If your house is more contemporary, then look for modern and energy efficient lanterns.


Lanterns Over Kitchen Island

Outdoor lanterns go well with indoor cabin elements. They look fantastic when hanged over the kitchen counter. They create a completely new look in the kitchen. Plus, you have a better light. This trend has become quite popular, and today a number of homeowners decide to decorate their kitchens with different lantern designs. Hanging outdoor lanterns in a kitchen is a trend that won’t fade away quickly. These decorative items give a timeless and eclectic look into the kitchen.

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