Stuffed Animals And Plush Toys Available Online

We all have that one favorite stuffed animal that we will remember forever and that will always bring back beautiful childhood memories. Either a teddy bear, a warm kitten or a fluffy puppy, our favorite stuffed animals are memorable.


The phrase “stuffed animal” was originally used in taxidermy and referred to killing, stuffing and mounting animal skins, primarily for display or preservation. This is why toy manufacturers came up with plush or soft toy terms to separate synthetic stuffed animal toys from taxidermy. Today the term ‘stuffed animals’ more commonly refers to plush toys which are made from synthetic materials and are intended for kids of all age groups.

Children and parents alike love plush toys because they are soft and give the warmest hugs. There’s no one who can resist to the cuteness of stuffed animals. These toys are not intended for comforting only. They are also fun and perfect for playing a variety of games with, which is why these toys are equally popular among kids of all ages, teenagers and even grown-ups. Also, these toys are the perfect gift for anyone, for any age, and every occasion (birthday, christening, anniversary, etc.).

Because of their softness and ‘cuddly buddy’ characteristic, babies and children get very attached to plush toys. In fact, these toys are perfect for teaching babies over 7 months to separate from their parents, especially moms. Usually it is between the 8 and 9 months of age that babies start grasping the separation between themselves and their mothers. It is the plush toys that are great in providing them with comfort and sense of security during these difficult times.

Lightweight and without any sharp edges, plush toys are completely safe to play with. They come in different sizes and in forms of giraffes, monkeys, dogs, bears, cats, monsters, lions and other animals. Although harmless, stuffed animals present a risk of suffocation, which is why parents should never let their babies under 7 months sleep with their favorite toys. However, this does not mean your baby cannot play and hug his/her stuffed animal when awake and when in your presence.

The best thing about plush toys is that they can last your kid a lifetime. Other toys can break, damage or dent, but not the stuffed animals. If carefully treated, your child will share years and years with his/her favorite plush toy. Also, these toys are always in for taking a car ride or a plane trip during holidays and give the best hugs, have forgiving smiles and can be your child’s best friend for years.

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