Strong’s Concordance Of The Bible Available Online

Most people find it hard to understand the Bible. Some phrases and passages are difficult to comprehend, and many ask a priest to translate the meaning. For this reason, we have the Strong’s Concordance of the Bible. James Strong, a professor of exegetical theology, wanted to create a Biblical reference book that will help people to re-find a phrase and correctly understand the meaning of the text. He managed to create a list of words that appear in the King James Bible in alphabetical order, just to help readers to get the main point of the original text.

James Strong, the author of the famous Strongs Concordance, was born in New York in 1822. He finished his studies at the Wesleyan University and began to teach biblical literature at Troy University even though he was a Methodist layman. He wrote the Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible at the time when he was a professor of exegetical theology at Drew Theological Seminary. With the help of other colleagues, James succeeded to create and to publish the famous Strongs Concordance in 1890.


Strongs Concordance is used by millions of people all over the world. This book is not a translation of the Bible, but it is an interpretation of the original language that appears in the King James Bible. Those who don’t understand Hebrew and Greek, won’t be able to understand what the text is saying. Thanks to Strongs Concordance, any pastor, preacher or student will be able to clearly comprehend the meaning of God’s Word. It’s simple to read and easy to understand.

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is actually an updated edition of Strong’s monumental work. This edition was written to help the modern readers. Strongs Concordance serves as an index, giving an alphabetical list of words that appear in the Bible. The numbering system helps readers to re-define Hebrew and Greek words. Now it’s much easier to understand the original language of the Bible and the God’s Word. The updated version of Strongs Concordance includes maps, improved and readable Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, clear edge-tab indexing, easy to navigate sites and additional Bible paragraphs that help readers to understand the deeper meaning of the Bible.

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