Console Tables: Add a Touch of the Unexpected to Your Space

Choosing the right furniture for our home is a key factor in creating a comfortable and functional space. We know how the surrounding can have a great effect on our mood and productivity, so in order to feel our best, we must make sure that we really enjoy the furniture we put in our house. We need practical pieces that will be aesthetically pleasing and make us happy when we look at them. No one has time for boring furniture that doesn’t serve any function.

Some of the most useful pieces are obviously tables. They come in a vast array of designs and styles which makes them necessary for every home. Their versatility offers great freedom in styling and personalising each table, so it feels like a unique piece made just for us. The tables that can perfectly complement any room with their slender design are console tables.

What Are Console Tables?


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Console or also known as hall tables are thin, small tables that are usually put in hallways because of their characteristic look which enables them to fit into narrow spaces. But their use nowadays doesn’t end there. They’re versatile items that can find their place anywhere in the house.

Their name comes from the curved brackets or consoles that were used to attach the table to the wall. This was necessary because the original hall table had only two legs, so it needed that additional support. There were also designs with no brackets but they were still placed against a wall and their legs were in a shape reminiscent of brackets. Because the back wasn’t visible, the front of the table was notably decorated.

Since their introduction, these tables have undergone many changes. Their design evolves with the trends and today you can find a stunning hall table in any style you want.

How to Choose the Perfect Console Table?


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Which one you’ll choose depends on the interior décor and the available space. Their modern form has four legs or a shape that allows them to stand on their own. Although primarily they were used only for decorative purposes, now they’re functional and decorative as well. Plus, with their sleek design, they can make any area seem spacious.

Consider the style of the room where you’re going to put the console table because they need to match. If you need the table to accentuate an area, you can go for more elaborate designs, whereas if you need the table to complement other pieces or emphasise the items that are on it, you can choose a more subtle design.

Measure the space where you plan to put the table so you know which size you need. They can be found in all sizes and you don’t want them to obstruct any movement around the room.

Consider the purpose because first and foremost the table should be chosen according to its purpose. For example, if you need more storage, you should look for bigger tables with more surfaces so you can place things on them.

Take advantage of the different materials. Since these tables can be made of various materials, you need something strong yet pleasing. Materials like marble and glass look elegant and sophisticated, while wood can look simple and rustic or have complex detailing.

How to Use Console Tables in Your Home?

In the Hallway

Use the table as its name suggests, as a hallway table. They’re the perfect type of tables for halls because they aren’t bulky and don’t occupy much space. Depending on the style of the hall and what you’re going for, you can choose an interesting design that will make a statement on its own or get an unadorned one and use other elements to emphasise the space.

You can hang an art piece above the table and make that a focal point. Choose something that you like and get a larger size so it can really highlight that wall. Add several smaller decorations on top or some baskets under the table that can serve as extra storage space as well.

In the Living Room

console+table living room

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The living room is another great room for a console table. It can also serve as a nice accent piece when paired with artworks or you can create dimension by placing lamps, vases, or plants in different heights and styles. It will fill the empty wall and refresh the room.

Instead of placing the table against a wall, you can place it behind the sofa and decorate it with several items. Use decorative small dishes, candles, and books to create visual interest. Also, it’s the perfect spot for resting things when you’re sitting on the sofa.

In the Dining Room

The dining room is an important space in your home because that’s the place where you all share your love for food and spend time together as a family. For this reason, you need to choose the ideal dining table that will enable the entire family to come together. But besides this, there are other elements that can make this area more functional and stylish.

You can use a console table against the wall to place all the things that you need, like napkins and silverware, so you wouldn’t need to get up in the middle of dinner. Since these tables are narrow, they can serve as a place for displaying glassware and drinks. They don’t take up much space but are enough to be used as bar carts.

In the Bedroom

console table bedroom

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If you’ve always wanted a vanity for your bedroom but space was an issue, you can get a little table and use it for keeping makeup or your favourite perfumes. Place a mirror above it and you’ve made yourself a place for applying your makeup.

You can also use this table as a spot for relaxation by putting it next to the window. Add a comfortable chair and several books. In this way, you’ll have where to unwind with a good book or a cup of coffee after a long day at work.

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