Short Term Furniture Storage: The Importance of Climate Control

Considering how carefully I store my clothes, even the pieces I don’t wear that often, I think it’s safe to say that I’m kind of a freak for maintaining my stuff neat. I keep everything in good shape, and the pieces that are actually damaged (not overused, make no mistake) I give away so they don’t interfere with my financial calculations for the next shopping spree. And this ‘feature’ of mine, doesn’t apply to my clothes only – it is also true for furniture pieces, decorative elements and kitchen appliances. Yes, I like to have an organized life in which I purposefully use everything I buy.

So before I moved into my new home I threw away every piece that no longer had a purpose in my life, whether it was clothes, furniture or appliance of any kind. However, I must also say that the procedure for that particular move (I had a few in the course of my life) wasn’t easy at all for me: I was literally mentally troubled of how will I be able to transfer everything into my new home without damaging it before I hired the moving company. Of course, professional movers came as life saviours at the right moment, but what particularly helped me was the storage option provided for the ‘in-between’ homes period.

I won’t concentrate on the unavoidable trouble when you have a move on your hands, because that’s something you have to go through. However, I’d like to write about how people should pay more attention to their furniture when they move; particularly, how can they take advantage of the short term furniture storage option offered by moving companies and storage providers.

Storage Services

Why Would You Like to Use This Service?

When in between homes, when you can’t enter your new home immediately after leaving your old one, you need to safely store your belongings somewhere. It’s easy for the small stuff, as you’ll always find a suitable place for them, but the furniture and the large kitchen appliances do pose a significant issue. Where would you place them? More importantly, where would you put them for more than a day or two? That’s where the convenience of short term furniture storage comes in-handy: a specifically designed space with all the needed environment controllers to keep your stuff in the perfect shape: just like you left them. And all this is often offered by movers and storage providers for a rather small amount, because if you think about it, any possible damage during that short period would cost you way much more.

The Features That Make Short Term Storage Specialized and So Worth It

Yes, you guessed it well: climate control. For someone who really doesn’t care as much about preserving the fresh appearance of their furniture and the functioning of their appliances, this won’t matter much. But for those who know what they’re paying for, climate control is of the essence.

As a feature, climate control controls the level of the temperature inside the storage unit. This means, when outside is very hot, and consequently the temperature in the unit rises, the climate control device would use cooling mechanisms to lower the temperature. The same applies for the opposite situation as well. This is tightly connected with humidity, which is another aspect that should be highly regulated when it comes to storing furniture. Here are a few points to remember, depending on the type of furniture you’d be storing:

  • Wooden furniture is especially sensitive to high humidity, because too much moisture in the unit can cause wood to crack, warp and even rot;
  • Leather furniture on the other hand, is sensitive to temperature changes: bringing it from too cold to too hot can cause leather to loosen up and break. Also, when humidity levels change, leather tends to discolour and even develop mildew.

As you can see, in both cases climate control as a feature is a-must for any type of storage unit, no matter if it’s for a short period of time or a significantly longer one, like an year.

You can do more research on this matter, especially because there are so much materials used for making furniture these days. Also, it’s important to mention that kitchen appliances and elements like refrigerators, microwaves and similar can also be damaged by unsuitable temperature levels in the storage space. Unless you’re willing to use broken pieces or slightly damaged, you should be informed well about this matter.


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