Scandinavian Furniture: The More You Know, the More You’d Love It

I’m pretty sure when it comes to Scandinavian home style and design, most of us immediately think of Sweden’s IKEA. Though some associate it with affordable prices, there are many of those who associate it with satan  when it comes to actually putting the pieces of your purchase together once home.

Thankfully, the world of Scandinavian design is vast, since it doesn’t only encompass Sweden, but Denmark, Finland, and Norway as well, which means there’s so much more to it than IKEA that would offer you the same in terms of seamless lines, minus the hassle, plus the time to enjoy its beauty.

What can be said about this European, Scandinavian furniture design is it’s the embodiment of minimalism, and though it’s been the trend for many years, or decades rather, it wasn’t until the 1950s that it actually caught up as a design movement. Since then, it’s helped adorn the homes of many around the globe. With time, it’s only growing in popularity. And how can it not?

As Leonardo da Vinci , the famous Italian genius and painter, once said: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Well, this is exactly what Scandinavian design is all about. The perfect clean and elegant lines, the use of natural materials, in a combination with the serene tones of pastels assembled together in simple yet elegant pieces can bring harmony to any home.

Scandinavian Furniture

When a company’s mission is to create timeless Scandinavian furniture that’s handcrafted from sustainable sources, yet still at affordable prices, you know you can find pieces that would make a valuable purchase, and your dream interior come true. If I were to describe this ingenious design, I would describe it as the design that makes it easy to bring life to an interior as inviting a breeze upon opening a window.

With little to no effort, you’d be able to transform your abode into a warm and inviting place with the mere addition of Scandinavian furniture pieces. Scandinavians love nature, there’s no doubt about it, and if there’s an ideal source of inspiration for their furniture designs, then it’s got to be nature, particularly the long and dark winter days.

Depending on the location, most Scandinavians are faced with Polar Nights every year, where there’s no sun for at least two months. How else would you be able to make it through constant night for two months if you don’t invite brightness, and pleasantness, into your home in the form of furniture made of natural materials, coloured in warm serene hues, to remind you of the snow covered nature outside?

Another aspect that’s specific about the Scandinavian style is lack of carpets; with the beauty of wood floor tiles in white, black, or any tone in between, you don’t need a carpet to hide it. Sticking to minimalism, if you’re still up for using some floor covering, you could get a fluffy rug around the dining table, sofa table, or as the centre piece in your bedroom, to increase the warmth of the interior.

When it comes to decoration, you have all the freedom to choose from other styles too, including additional furniture pieces, as the Scandinavian style goes well with retro, as much as it does with traditional, and contemporary. It’s all about creating a warm, open home, by getting pieces that are equally functional and elegant.


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