Finding the Right Air Compressor System for Your Business

The goal of every business is to maximize productivity, while operating at the lowest possible costs. Powering heavy machinery with the help of an air compressor is a more powerful alternative to using electricity or petrol and helps save money and valuable resources. In addition, compressed air is a much safer option which eliminates the risk of electrical shocks or accidental fires.

If you run an industrial plant, a car repair shop, gas station or any other business that uses machines that sap power or rely on compressed air, then setting up a proper air compressor system can ensure all operations run smoothly. In order to do so, you need to take several factors into account.

air compressor

The Type of Working Environment

If your operations are ran outdoors and on various different sites, thEn you might want to take a look at some of the portable air compressors on sale. As the name suggests, these machines can be moved around different locations for various jobs such as pumping equipment for ballgames, powering pneumatic tools at a construction site, powering agricultural machines and more.

There are also stationary air compressors which are larger and meant to stay in one place. Because they have a higher capacity for generating power, these compressors are generally used in industrial plants.

The Necessary Air Capacity You Need

Different tools and machines require different amounts of air. The air capacity of every compressor is measured by standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Every piece of pneumatic equipment has its required SCFM value stamped on it. To decide what the needed SCFM value for your equipment is, you should take several steps.

First of all, take the tool with the largest SCFM number and multiply it by 1.5. This way you will have the ability to include a heavier tool in the future. If you’re planning to run several tools simultaneously with the same compressor, then add together the SCFM values for each tool and a 30% buffer on that figure to account for future increased usage.

The Type of Power Available

Portable compressors are usually suited for 115-volt, 15-amp circuits. These means they are more suitable for providing a smaller amount of power. If you need more power, a stationary single stage compressor and some larger portable compressors can operate on 230 volt, single phase circuits. These types of air compressors on sale have a higher duty cycle and are designed for daily industrial use. If you’re business operations take place outdoors where there is no electrical power available, then a portable gas air compressor is required.

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