How to Pick the Mask That Will Allow You to See Under the Sea

diving masks
There is no doubt that diving deep hundreds of meters below the sea surface requires special gear. Many newbie divers spend splurge on fancy wetsuits, complex regulators and dive computers that end up weighing them down, while undermining the importance of simple diving masks. The biggest mistake that many people make is confusing scuba diving masks with snorkel masks. However, the water pressure is very different when you’re at the bottom of the sea than when you’re casually swimming in shallow waters. Therefore, before you dive into the deep blue, you should first dive deep and explore in detail the offers of specialised diving masks. Let’s see what you should pay attention to.

Buy or Rent

If you are on a vacation and want to go diving just for fun, then renting is a good option. Or, in case you forgot your mask at home. In any other case it’s recommended that you buy your own mask because it needs to comfortably fit your face. Just be careful, a new mask will fog up quickly if directly after buying it you go diving with it. After taking it out of the box, remember to scrub it clean to remove the layer of contaminants that is stuck on the glass lens as it can make it fog up.

The Right Lens

A good lens is important for having a clear vision when down there. Newbie divers who are not yet used to the surroundings will benefit from a mask that offers a wide view angle. Also, underwater photographers need a lens that will reduce glare. That’s why there are different lens types that offer different experiences:

Single lens are more open but do not allow for prescription corrections;
Twin lens are compatible with prescription glasses which can be easily removed if needed;
Multiple lens offer a wide front view but also obstruct the peripheral vision a bit.

Additional tip: Look for a lens made out of tempered glass as standard glass can shatter and damage your eyes. Tampered glass is made of chemically treated glass which is extra strong, and even if it shatters, it won’t be in razor sharp shards.

Colour is Important

For diving masks, sometimes the lack of colour is important. Masks made out of a transparent material, like clear silicon, will allow for more light to get through, which will increase your visibility. This is also a great option for beginner divers who feel like their view obstructed, because its see through material will increase the peripheral vision. On the other hand, opaque and dark material is often picked by photographers because it allows them to better focus on what they are shooting.

The Right Fit

Being the perfect fit for you and being comfortable enough are the two most important features that a mask should have. For that reason, before buying, always make sure to try it on to check how it feels on your face. Its skirt should completely cover your eye area without leaving any gaps that will allow water to enter. Also, pay attention to the material the strap is made of. A neoprene strap will feel more comfortable because it won’t tug on your hair. But if you want it to feel tighter, than a silicon strap will be a better option.


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