Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Arborist Consulting Service

Trees have tremendous value for the environment we live in. They are considered the lungs of our planet Earth, turning carbon dioxide into pure oxygen, which is of vital importance for the quality of the air we breathe. Besides, they reduce air pollution, provide food and shelter for wildlife, increase rainfall, minimize the risk of erosion, maintain healthy soil, and absorb sunlight as an energy source. Simply said human life would be immensely impacted without their presence. However, many people underestimate this fact even though they recognise the value of the trees in their garden.

Since the trees in your garden provide so much more than aesthetic curb appeal, it’s highly important to take care of them properly. If you want to return the favour and ensure that your trees are healthy and growing strong, it helps to hire some of the professional arbourist consulting services in Australia.

What Is a Consulting Arborist?

tree arborist assessing trees

A consulting arborist is a tree expert who is specialised in the field of proper tree care and its protection. They are true professionals whose job is to give a comprehensive viewpoint to their clients about trees’ health, their safety, and preservation. Arborists offer their services for a wide variety of clients including property owners, municipalities, contractors, attorneys, insurance professionals, landscape architects, developers, engineers, and more.

Reasons to Hire a Consulting Arborist

They Are Well-Trained in Proper Tree Care

tree arborists examining a tree

As we already mentioned, trees are an investment that we need to take proper care of. Therefore, the expertise of consulting arborist services has employed individuals who are properly trained and equipped with the knowledge required in this field. Consulting arborists are often members of a professional organization, which provides for them the proper training and education. 

Arboricultural consultants also need to strictly adhere to the specific set of standards set by that organization. They are commonly known by the name tree surgeons as they do all kinds of work related to trees health, including, pruning, accessing the trees’ health, tree removal, planting, and more.

They Have All the Proper Tools for The Job

a tree arborist cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

Even if you do know how to perform some kind of work on your own if you don’t have the right tools and equipment you will probably face many obstacles. That’s why having the right tools is of major importance. In the case of tree care protection, trained professionals are here to help. For instance, most often arborists are required to work up high in trees so they need to have the proper type of tools, in this case, a rope so they can gain access to the heights easier. 

In another case, if an arborist is responsible for removing a tree, for instance, they need to use spikes or gaffs, that are attached to the worker’s chainsaw boots. The only downside of having to use spikes is that they can cause harm to the tree, leaving holes in its body where each step is taken. 

For cutting large trunks of trees, rigging equipment is often required. Rigging equipment is needed for climbing large trunks of trees and making sure huge limbs have been cut rightly and have fallen safely on the ground. Rigging tools include pulleys, slings, carabiners, cable hoists, and a lot of rope. Cutting equipment is another essential piece of equipment used by arborists. Handsaws, prunes, pole saws, axes, wedges, and wood chippers are among the most common examples of tools used for cutting.

They Can Protect Your Investment and Property’s Value

a beautiful house with yard filled with flowers, grass and trees

The third reason why you should hire an arborist is to protect your investment and property value without risking losing all the money you invested in it. Tree inspection service will give you advice on different matters, including pruning, fertilizing, or seed planting, and on every other subject concerning the tree’s health and their risk of dying.

Other Services an Arborist Can Provide

Now that we mentioned the three most important reasons you should decide to hire a professional arborist consulting services let’s go through some additional services that are often performed by these types of trees experts.

Tree Removal

man removing a tree from a yard

Tree removal requires a level of expertise and proper tool equipment that only professionals can perform. Once a tree starts showing signs of dying and decay, the proper step is to have it removed before it becomes dangerous to the safety and integrity of your property. Tree removal is also often recommended when other plants are being blocked off by the tree and they cannot receive the proper amount of sunlight. 


tree pruning

An arborist can determine the type of pruning the trees need in order to improve their appearance, maintain and improve their health, and encourage new healthy growth. It is most usually performed with trees and shrubs which health and growth are generally improved when dead and infected branches are cut away.

Besides, proper pruning removes potential hazards that may happen due to fallen branches and greatly improve the visual aesthetic of trees, allowing you to control their shapes and sizes. 

Emergency Tree Care 

damage tree fallen down from a storm

Trees that have been damaged during storms isn’t an uncommon sight. That may result in entire trees falling off, often landing on other trees, cars, or other structures. Usually, the damage is huge and the removal of fallen trees can be a hazardous task. A professional arborist can assist you to perform the job in a safe manner, reducing the risk of further damage.


a father and a son planting a tree in nature

Planting is considered a form of art. You put a seed in the ground and life grows out of it. Well, it may sound simple, but planting requires having a special kind of knowledge including knowing the many techniques, the plant’s features, and the proper soil requirements to create the ideal environment for it to grow. 

Planting trees incorrectly can put you at risk of having your tree dying, or to remove its dead body and replace it with a new one. Among the other services they provide, some arborists are responsible for planting trees as well, and they can recommend certain plant species that are suitable for particular locations.

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