Planting Trees: All the Right Aspects of Their Needs

You don’t need to build large concrete walls around your backyard to prevent the curious eyes of your neighbours constantly trying to see what you’re doing or who are you hanging out with. Moreover, your backyard doesn’t have to be a boring place with a green grassy surface and a few flowers here and there. You can expand your gardening hobby beyond planting and taking care of flowers and get the convenience of trees; a natural isolation, shade and perfect decorations for your backyard.

Trees for sale Melbourne

From those amazing decorative trees with flowers to fruit trees – you can plant just about any type of them in your backyard and enjoy the benefits they offer for a long period if you know how to take proper care of their needs. So, before you start your tree-caring adventure, explore a reliable “trees for sale” Melbourne online offer (or a brick-and-mortar one for that matter) to pick the trees that will most complement your backyard.

Before you browse the large trees for sale Melbourne offers ranging from a Weeping White Mulberry ( lat. Morus Alba Pendula) to a flowery Cherry Kanzan (lat. Cherry Kanzan) consider these three general categories and how you can plant trees from each one of them:

Balled and burlapped trees

any type of tree you choose can be balled and burlapped. Usually you can find these in trees for sale Melbourne tree nurseries offer because they’re grown with developed root system- ready to be planted and literally start thriving in their new environment. The trick that can save and boost the life of these trees is planting them with the burlap and basket on; the burlap is designed of a material that will rot within a year. This protects the root system and allows it to find its place and direction of growing in the new environment.

Container trees

mainly decorative trees are planted in containers. These trees can survive a short time period in their container after being bought. However, when you do take them out of the container, the soil may be tightly compressed squeezing the roots together. In this case you may want to use your hands or a blunt instrument to separate the roots from the tight mass of dirt and allow them to breathe before you plant them in the ground.

Bare-rooted trees

these trees require the most attention. They don’t come with a soil surrounding their root system, so time is of the essence here; after you buy them, you’ll need to plant them ASAP, so that they don’t lose moisture and start dying. To plant them successfully, you need to make a cone of earth so that the roots are freely distributed in the ground. The trunk flare should be at least 5 centimetres above soil level.

Besides planting them the right way so they can grow freely and fruitfully, another aspect of tree health is their position and everyday nurture. Some types of trees need a lot of sunlight while others thrive in more shady areas. Also, the fact that some trees need a lot of water and some should be watered mildly and not so often, also plays a great role in their overall health. Fertilizers are another important aspect of tree health – they help the trees in the establishment and expansion of their roots. Make sure you put fertilizer not only in the root hole, but in the surrounding area as well; eventually the roots will grow.


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