Must-Haves for The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

These challenging pandemic times and lockdowns keep throwing low punches, but it’s exactly times like these when we can discover our inner strength. And there’s no better place to look for it than your family. Trying to keep traditions alive might seem unnatural at first but it’s exactly the thing we all need as it is the core to healthy and proper living.  


Sundays and outdoor Aussie barbecues have a special place in Australian culture. Gathering around the outdoor BBQ smoker is the 21st century equivalent of gathering around the fire. It not only keeps us in touch with the great outdoors but also brings us all closer together. When public barbecues and large events with friends are out of reach, turn to your outdoor area and make the most of it.  

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Experience with a BBQ Smoker 

Food is an instinctive reason for human gathering. Not only is it an essential physiological need but dining with others is also engraved in our genetic codes. The main course and dining table has and always will be the place where we come together and shared our stories and barbecuing is one of our first methods to achieve gut and soul satisfaction. Nothing has changed except for the things we throw on the barbie.  

The star of the cooking show will be your practical outdoor bbq smoker, providing you and your guests an authentic Australian experience. Smoked meat under the night sky might be one of the oldest traditions there is and if you want to strengthen your bonds while enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal, a barbecue smoker is the way to go.  

BBQ Smoker

Certain sources have claimed that a natural gas grill is both healthier and more sustainable. Naturally, as the carbon footprint of a charcoal grill is nearly three times higher than that of the gas grill. Furthermore, Australia as the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world can achieve heating supply independently instead of deforestation or charcoal import.  

Even so, using charcoal has a long-term advantage. Charcoal is made from wood and is thus a renewable resource. Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology, a new form of more environmentally friendly charcoal has been created, which could decrease the impacts on the environment. Interestingly, using charcoal is more like a carbon cycle and the carbon dioxide produced by burning charcoal could be adsorbed by the trees. 

However,  using a charcoal grill produces a large amount of visible smoke. Nonetheless, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, burning natural gas provides invisible smoke. Moreover, natural gas is non-renewable energy that can’t be replenished, taking millions of years for organic matter to become fossil fuels.

Although there are solid built-in options, mobile and covered ones make the best choice. Firstly, you get the freedom to move around the most important dining centrepiece. Choose one with large wagon-style wheels that make moving around that much easier. Secondly, covered barbecue smokers reduce your exposure to smoke. An additional height-adjustable tray lets you choose between searing over high heat or taking things low and slow. 


How much should you spend on a BBQ depends on the size of your family, events you’re planning and dedication towards proper BBQing of meat. A grill can take care of vegetables but if you’re a meat devotee, you’ll know that slow cooking is what makes the juices flow. 

Nonetheless, getting an outdoor barbecue smoker beats waiting your turn at a public gas grill, when they’re even available, and contributing to plastic wasting with all the packaging from the ready-made meat and veggies you’re about to use.

Keep It Cool with a Practical Outdoor Fridge 

You were just about to put your feet up in the air when someone ran out of a drink.  The quick sprints to the indoor kitchen slowly turned into a marathon as cold beverages are almost always needed. An outdoor fridge, on the other hand, will keep the essentials within reach. A glass door has more appeal to the fridge’s contents and being see-through, you can always tell if it needs refilling. When chilling wine, the serving one should be on the bottom shelf while the chilling one at the top as even in the fridge hot air travels up.  

A Furnished Patio Perfect for Lounging 

In order to bring comfort outside, clearly, you need to find your equivalent for a couch and armchair. Imagine watching the sunset or night sky while you pour yourself a glass of wine on a lounger. An outdoor lounge set makes room for the extra company while outdoor ottomans can finally help you put your feet up in the air. However, choosing outdoor furniture isn’t just about comfort, it’s about durability and practicality.  


Firstly, you should consider what materials are waterproof and UV resistant so your furniture can withstand the challenges of the seasons. Secondly, make sure that the frame is made of a material like aluminium as it is not only durable but also lightweight, making it easy for you to rearrange your furniture whenever you feel like you need a change of scenery. Wood is a premium choice in most cases, whether it’s indoor or outdoor furniture. However, you should protect it from cracking or fading. Wood requires more maintenance.  

Protection from the Elements

It seems like we can’t catch a break. On one hand, spending more time outdoors is not only soothing for your mind and soul but it is also recommended by health care professionals, meaning that it has proven health benefits. On the other hand, the prevalence of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers is rising.  

Luckily, spending time outdoors is not equivalent to spending time in the sun and although we all need that vitamin D, we seem to need sun protection more these days. Save yourself future trouble and skin cells and get UV resistant outdoor umbrella that’s also rust and wind-proof. There are space-saving solutions without a base or pole that are highly adjustable. You could easily manoeuvre them by hand in a full 360° rotation and provide maximum shade wherever you want it, where you want it. 

outdoor umbrella

If you have a larger family or you’re a relentless optimist, prepare yourself for a larger outdoor event with a canopy.  

Don’t Overlook Landscaping

If you have a green thumb, creating the perfect landscape can be both a challenge and an inspiration. Conversely, when dealing with the foundations of your outdoor area, bringing in the A-team is recommended and this includes a landscape designer and a tree shaping service.  

A tree pruning service takes on many roles. They can be your personal architects, advising you where each tree should be placed. You also get a stylist, trimming your tree’s crown and performing crown lifts, thinning and shaping. Last but not least, you get tree surgeons, cutting off dead libs that will drag your tree’s progress down.  

Hiring a professional landscaping artist might seem excessive but after learning what are the importance and benefits of landscaping you might have a change of heart. The DIY enthusiast could especially benefit from collaboration as working hand in hand and gathering knowledge from someone educated and experienced could help you eventually be that landscaping guru you aim to be.  


Firstly, landscaping artists have unbelievable ideas. This should come as no surprise as they did actually attend school to give your outdoor area the interior it deserves. Secondly, they can provide you with the site and budget analysis, making sure you go easy on your pocket without depriving your outdoor area of what it needs. You might not be aware of the gardening mistakes you’re about to make so it’s a benefit to have someone to nip bad ideas in the bud. Thirdly, nothing adds instant curb appeal like a magnificent landscape.  

An optimal and ergonomic outdoor space is more inviting. Hence, the more you invest, the better and more inviting it is, making sure you choose your patio and bird fountain over your living room TV set.  

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