Air Track Guide: Master the Basics and Learn New Gymnastics Skills Safely

Girls practicing on air track


Creating a home gym has never been easier than it is now. There is a lot of pieces of gym equipment available on the market, many flooring options, and a lot of safety gear. And whether you are doing it for yourself or for your kids, it is a great idea. It’s well known how positive physical activity affects us. It comes with both physical and mental health benefits, and when it comes to children, it is also a great way to teach them about discipline, to improve their motor skills, their cognitive skills, become stronger, assertive, independent, confident, and so on.

However, safety should always be your biggest concern, especially if you or someone else in your family are practising something that can cause injuries, such as gymnastics and similar sports, like cheerleading.

The Ultimate Gymnastics Mats

Girl practicing on air track


Because of all the jumps and other activities typical for these sports, the most crucial thing to consider is the floor. And for any home gym, especially one that will be used for sports that include jumping, the best solution is to find gymnastics and cheerleading Air Tracks. A good quality air gym mat designed specifically for these purposes will provide the much-needed safety, but it also comes with other benefits regarding training, including comfort.

Furthermore, these high-quality gym mats are inflatable which makes them perfect for a home gymnastics studio, because they don’t have to stay inflated all the time, so when they aren’t used, they can easily be stored somewhere in the house. While they are intended for gymnastics, because of the safety they provide, unlike some types of floors, they can be great for different types of home gyms, because they can also be used for other sports and physical activities.

Advantages of Air Tracks

Gymnastics air track


Inflatable gymnastics and cheerleading Air Tracks are probably the most extraordinary types of gym mats you can get for home use. And, being inflatable is one of the main reasons why. Namely, because they are filled with air, they are softer on the body than foam or other flooring options. They are made of really strong and sturdy high-quality materials.

Moreover, they are designed to absorb the force and the pressure of any movement made by the person who is training or working out, regardless of whether they are practicing cheerleading, performing jumps and leaps, or doing jumping jacks. Inflatable Air Tracks are also the best option for softening the blows and reducing impacts quite significantly. This means that they are the best option for preventing injuries from falls, and they are one of the best investments for any home gyms for training and working out, regardless of whether you are getting it for a child or for an adult.

Things to Consider when Buying an Air Track

Kids practicing on air track


Air Tracks are quite diverse, differing not only in colours and designs, but also in materials and sizes, and most importantly in quality. There are several factors that you need to consider in order to choose an Air Track for your home gym, including size, the quality of the materials and the production, ease of use, pressure, thickness, and of course the brand.

One of the best things about Air Tracks is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, while you may have a lot of space in your garden, if you are going to use it indoors, you need to be really careful about the size. So, before you buy an inflatable gymnastics mat, you should take the necessary measures.

In the case of Air Tracks, bigger is obviously better. In other words, if you have limitations in terms of available floor space, you should go for the biggest model that can fit in the room, and if you don’t, choose the size according to your preferences, taking the type of exercises that you or your child will be performing on it.

Aside from learning about the size of the gymnastics air mat when it’s inflated, you should also take the size when it’s deflated into account. It’s a good idea to make sure that you know where you would store it, even before buying one. More importantly, like any other type of equipment for a home gym, you should be completely sure that it will really be used, and not simply create more clutter in your home. If storage is important to you, you can buy Air Track with a foldable design, as it will be much easier to store away when it’s not used. Finally, don’t forget to learn how to store it properly, to avoid damaging it.

Most of us don’t have infinite storage space in our homes, which is why, aside from making sure that you designate a storage space for your Air Track mat, you should also make sure that inflating and deflating it isn’t too complicated. Air Tracks with built-in valves offer fast and easy inflating and deflating. This will not only make your job easier, but it will also help you save time, and much more importantly, you won’t be tempted to live it stored in the corner of your garden shed or your garage forever. Moreover, the easier it is to deflate it, the easier it will be to transport it if you need to move it from the garden to the home gym, or to any other place where you would want to take it.


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