Military Gift Ideas: Show Any Army Service Member How Much You Care

The gift-giving season is upon us, and whether you’re gifting to someone who just recently joined the military, has been serving for a while, is a veteran, or someone who has not yet joined the military but has aspirations of doing so – we’re here to help you out with your list of military-inspired gifts. Use this list for the upcoming holidays, birthdays, going-away party and more. And remember, regardless of your spending budget what counts most is your undivided attention, love, and respect that you are willing to show.

The Classic Army T-Shirt


A classic army t-shirt may be something to look for in the vintage section, but vintage is cool and military vintage attire is even cooler. If you’re looking for a manly gift, a good quality shirt is always appreciated. You can get your army t shirts Australia wide and surprise the people in your life who would love to wear them. For active or retired army members, an item of military-themed clothing is a sweet way to show your appreciation. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable and can be used for multiple occasions. Play around with the colour and the design, and if you aren’t sure what is their preference you really can’t go wrong with dark green or black. You can create the perfect gift set by combining military shirts in proper army colours with a lumberjack shirt, service shirts, utility or cargo pants.

Tactical Uniform-Style Sport Jacket


Military men but also any outdoors enthusiasts such as hikers, hunters or construction workers would appreciate this kind of high-quality practical jacket. The jacket should be made from materials that are durable and comfortable, such as polyester, fleece, and nylon. To assist in surviving the weather elements, make sure the jacket is windproof, water-resistant or completely waterproof. Military vests and jackets used to be worn exclusively by the military up until recently when other groups of active men and women adopted them due to the many benefits they offer. Uniform-style sports jackets are now a piece of clothing that can be worn every day. Its benefits are countless because there is the weather-resistant material, the many pockets to carry all kinds of extra equipment and items when on or off duty. In other words, it allows you to carry everything you may need in a challenging situation and it most definitely makes any man look good.

Combat and Military-Style Boots


So you got your army t shirt and your tactical jacket, naturally what comes next is a pair of combat boots. Typical combat boots are military men wear for long hours, therefore these shoes have to be flexible, comfortable, and extremely light-weight. Else, they will make soldiers’ jobs far more difficult and uncomfortable. Not just military-style boots, but many other fashionable brands incorporate features in their boots that resemble what any soldier would wear. This is great, especially when brands consider additional protection such as the composite toe caps that can withstand extreme shocks. Naturally, these boots are a perfect gift for any outdoorsy man who isn’t afraid to go on an adventure or take on long-working hours. Typical combat boots or not, look for wider toe area (enables finger movements enhancing comfort) and cushioned insoles for additional support and comfort. Many hours of rigorous testing goes into the production of combat shoes but not every combat shoe is going to be high-quality. So make sure what you’re getting is durable and long-lasting.

Holiday Cheer with Military-Themed Drinkware


Members of our armed forces deserve our eternal gratitude. Veterans serve in wartime and peace and continue to sacrifice in the name of our collective well-being. And this is why we honour our veterans, servicemen and women every chance we’re given. This holiday season surprise someone you love with military glassware that will last for years to come. Thank your favourite members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force with customised military drinkware.

Military-Style Cadet Cap is a Must-Have

From teenagers to older men, everyone loves a comfortable cadet cap. And for a reason. They are practical, protect you from the sun, keep you warm during winter and are a must-have accessory for any man. Depending on who you’re getting it for, you can pick from a more vintage, worn-out look to a modern twist of a military cadet cap. Good quality hats fit well because they are adjustable but more importantly they do not rub on the top of the ears. They are suitable for work, hiking, sporting and a casual night out.

Best Military Going Away Gifts for Deployment


Send off your loved one with a gift he or she will have as a reminder of your love while you’re temporarily separated. A photo album is a heartwarming present that you can sneak in between their clothes. Or maybe you want to give them a ring that will bring a smile to their face every time they look at it. A storage trunk is another great gift idea. Durable and lightweight – just right for bulky, oversized gear. Personal hygiene items always come in handy such as toothbrushes, unscented lotions, washes, deodorant, lip balm, etc. Small stuffed toy, for instance, a small teddy bear with their child’s shirt sewn around it, spouses perfume sprayed onto it, to serve as a special reminder that someone loves and cares about them. A quick reminder to make sure you follow the legality of things they are allowed to take with them.

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