Enlighten Your Home With Traditional Japanese Furniture. Take A Look At What’s Available Online

Japanese home décor provides balance, harmony, cultural appreciation and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, this style screams minimalism and simplicity and is easy to implement even in the most modern homes. Just change wall colour, rearrange the traditional Japanese furniture in order to create balance; place decorative mats and add few accessories. Before you know it, you will have a new place to call home.

When it comes to furniture, decorate your home with traditional Japanese furniture that has straight edges like an armoire or long table. Japanese homes generally use furniture that features dark wood. You can add decorative couches and tables. Also, you can implement Japanese version of feng shui that will help you create space filled with positive energy by balancing “yo” and “in”, the Japanese words for yang and yin.


To achieve such a balanced home you must arrange your traditional Japanese furniture in a way that will be in balance with the direction your house faces, the layout of your home and the gender and age of your family. Include accessories that represent wood, metal, earth, water and fire to achieve serenity. Take a look at what’s available online.


Use screens to hide and/or divide. In traditional Japanese homes, screens were placed on sliding wooden tracks or were used as portable room dividers. You can use screen as a headboard in your bedroom, one-of-a-kind wall art or to divide one big room into two smaller areas.


What a better way to infuse Japanese style than with tatami mats. These traditional Japanese floor coverings can be used as a flooring and sitting solution at the same time. These woven straw mats are very comfortable, gentle yet feel firm under foot, and are great heat absorbers.


Color schemes

Japanese style is all about neutral and soft, but with accent colours of black, red, the green of sushi and even yellow. You can either paint a whole room in vermillion red or just accent one wall with a colour of your choice.

Traditional Japanese furniture

Japanese furniture is characterized by simplicity. It is low level furniture that is functional, elegant and transparent. Go for a bedside table in your bedroom or just a mattress on the floor. You can create a coffee table by connecting school-type benches. Remember, black furniture is always the right choice. Also, look for lacquered traditional Japanese furniture. Real pieces will have beautiful intricate inlays of silver, gold and pearl.


This is a vital part of every Japanese home. Simple white paper lampshade is your best option because light is spread through paper to give a warm glow. You can also achieve the same effect by placing lights behind decorative screens.


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