Enhance Your Interior With Hamptons Style Art Prints

Hamptons style art prints

Source: andersenalumni.net

The way we set up our home can say a lot about us, our taste, what we value in life, and how we want to be perceived.

For some people it’s minimalism. Monochrome designs, sleek lines, wide, open spaces. For others it’s vintage. Lots of colours and patterns, little decor items everywhere, wooden details and furniture, interesting rugs. Yet for those of us who are not ready to commit fully to either, a mix of both is where we find ourselves most.

This style is called the Hamptons style. A classic American way of designing a home, the Hamptons style is all about wide, clean, open spaces, a dominating colour white paired with a lot of interesting additions and patterned decor details all around.

The Hamptons style is meant to give off a laid-back, beachy kind of vibe while keeping sophistication and elegance close by. To me, this sounds perfect. How does it sound to you?

If you like it, then it’s time to keep on reading, as I’m going to take you all around this beautiful interior design style and how you can incorporate its ways into your own home, no matter what style it’s following right now. The easiest way to do this is by adding details and those details today come in the form of Hamptons art prints.

Hamptons Wall Art – All The Different Types

Hamptons canvas wall art

Source: driftwoodinteriors.co

There are a couple of different styles of Hamptons art prints you can buy, so we will go over all of them together and figure out which ones would suit your home best.

Let’s first quickly glaze over what you can expect from this style and the Hamptons style wall art. If I were to sum it up really simple for you, I’d have to say a white canvas filled with bright colours and lively, yet subdued motifs.

These features make the Hamptons wall art really diverse and able to fit any interior, not just the one that sticks to the main style itself. You can have your home set up any way you’d like and these art prints will just slip right in, fit perfectly, and give your space a bit of freshness and cool.


Nature Hamptons wall art

Source: wish.com

As I said, a beachy vibe is really what this style is all about, so it only makes sense that nature and nature-inspired elements are on this list.

When browsing Hamptons wall art you’ll see a lot of palm trees, whether in white or in colour, painted from different perspectives. You can have a full palm tree or just a close up of one, it’s up to you.

Moving on, you’ll see a lot of other tropical plants in interesting colour combinations, but with white always dominating the scene. Again, both close-ups and wide depictions are available.

Furthermore, a lot of sea flora can also be found and this is where things get really interesting and step a bit away from the principle of the style. Even though “bright” is the keyword here, the sea flora prints can get a bit dark, using shades like maroon, forest green, ink blue, and so on. They’re such a fresh little contrast to the whole style that I tend to love them the most.

Finally, we have art prints featuring different animals surrounded by tropical backgrounds. These are, once again, very whitewashed and subdued, which makes them perfect for brightly coloured walls and rooms filled with splashes of colour.


Hamptons flower print

Source: etsy.com

There’s no running from it, abstract is always around, even in places you wouldn’t expect to see it!

When it comes to abstract Hamptons wall prints the whole beachy idea is still present and dominates the canvas in an interesting way. Focusing on water as their main motif, these prints tend to look a lot like watercolour paintings.

You can see the flow right there on the canvas and sometimes you can even see the riptide and the waves flowing with the brushstrokes. Reminding of ink being mixed with water, these abstract art prints can make a really big impression and enrich a room in a very interesting way.

You can get either a monochrome print or prints that play around with different colours, both light and dark, to bring you a unique sense of unity and flow between two contrasting sides.

These prints are perfect for just about any interior, though because of how striking they can be, I’d recommend placing them in spots where they’ll be the star of the show.


Patterned Hamptons wall print

Source: pinterest.com.au/printandproper/

Finally, we have the patterned Hamptons art print.

Under this category, you can find still-life motifs, Aboriginal-like patterns, plants in ornate pots, close-ups of interestingly designed vases, and so on.

Once again, white is a dominating colour, but it’s often paired with a lot of different, darker tones to make the images more eye-catching and pleasant to look at.

These prints, just like all the others, come in different sizes, so you can choose the very one that fits the space you have planned for it perfectly. They are also easy to combine with the other types we spoke of before, so you can build your own little Hamptons style gallery and really have fun with it.

Because they are so elegant, yet free, these prints would look best in homes that value their style and are filled with materials like marble and high-quality wood, as they’ll really tie the room together and make everything all the more stylish and rich.

You can also take a pick from different framing options to really customize the experience and look, with the patterned prints as well as all the others, so bear that in mind when choosing the print. Your frames should correspond with the rest of the interior, textures, and patterns you already have, so don’t go overboard.

Instead, try to find unity, a meeting point between what you have and what you want to add and you’ll have no trouble enriching your home Hamptons style.


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