How to Choose the Best From All Available Motorcycle Tyres

Every rider should understand the importance of having quality motorcycle tyres as well as the importance of replacing them when they have worn down to avoid accidents. Tyres have come a long way since the early days of motorcycles as the modern technology makes them much more durable. Tyres are meant to provide shock absorption, help carry the load and support the entire motorcycle frame.

The key to having a safe ride is understanding when you have to replace the tyres to ensure maximum control and safety, as well as learn how to take proper care of the tyres in order to keep them in top condition. The first symptom of a worn down tyre is the loose feeling you get when taking turns, vibrations, unstable handling, rubbing and tyre noise – all these are indicators of potential tyre wear and problems. To prevent accidents, you should inspect the tyres regularly and properly to ensure they last you for a long time.

Motorcycle Tyres

There can be a problem if the front and back tyres of a motorcycle are of different sizes, for that reason, stick to the original equipment manufacturer parts to make sure the tyres are the right size and type for the particular brand of motorcycle. However, some riders want to mix things up, like pick another brand or change the tyre’s specs slightly. This is only advisable if you have the right knowledge of tyres and you understand the sizes.

Understanding the types of motorcycle tyres will let you pick the right ones for your specific bike and for your specific riding style. They are generally divided into three styles, including touring, sport and of-road tyres.

  • Touring tyres have heavy load capacities and are designed specifically for larger body bikes. They are stronger and much more durable than any other motorcycle tyre type which makes them ideal for driving long distances. The tread patterns offer improved performance on wet weather because they offer great straight line stability.
  • Sport tyres are made of rubber in order to increase the grip. They have a radial construction which greatly reduces their weight, and the soft compounds used in their creation affects fuel efficiency. However, these have a shorter life span than the touring tyres.
  • Off-road tyres are made for riding on rough terrains and digging through dirt trails. They are used in both motocross and trail riding and are capable of both on and off road performance.

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