Available Wireless Home Security System Brands Online

Protecting your home and your valuable assets is of high importance. You can do this by installing a high quality wireless security alarm systems which will suit your needs. What you need from a good wireless home security system is to protect your house and your family from intrusion and unexpected visits from burglars. Choosing the right wireless home security system brand is not an easy task, because there are so many available wireless home security system brands on the market. Therefore,when searching for the right one you need to consider the performances and the services of several wireless security alarm systems, and choose a brand that suits you best. It can be quite difficult for home owners to find the the right wireless security alarm systems brand, which is why we have decided to list the few brands available online that are very popular.

Wireless Home Security System Brands


Bosch is known as a worldwide supplier of reliable and high quality wireless security alarm systems and a No.1 brand in designing new and effective models. You can be sure that Bosch is an excellent choice, simply because it offers wide range of products that will satisfy all your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, wireless microphone systems and much more. Bosch has invented a series of wireless security alarm systems that offer reliability and security for every home owner. When it comes to finding a high quality wireless home security system, Bosch should always be on top of your list. Whether you need wireless security alarm systems that distinguish human movement from pet movement, a passive infrared detector for overly active areas such as retail stores, or simply models that are ideal for residential properties, Bosch is the ideal choice.


Another good and reputable wireless home security system brand available online is Phillips. You can always rely on the wireless security alarm systems from Philips for ultimate home protection, even when you are away. You can find models that provide stream live video directly to your phone via your home wireless network. Weather proof outdoor cameras, easy DIY setup and infrared cut filter switch for daytime color is what wireless security alarm systems from Philips have to offer.

Simon XTi

Simon XTi is one of the newest wireless home security system brands from the GE security line. It is a self-contained wireless home security system that offers excellent functionality, and is easy to use. Simon XTi is ideal for residential and commercial properties. The GE Security systems have the capability to support up to 40 wireless zones, phone lines and cellulars with built-in touchscreen.

Visonic PowerMax Pro

Another world known brand that offers wireless security alarm systems is Visonic. PowerMax Pro is all-in-one wireless home security system offered by Visonic on the market. This security system provides total security every time you are away from your home. It is easy to install and is capable of supporting 28 wireless zones. The PowerMax wireless home security system comes with the possibility for GSM/GPRS installations and a broadband communication device in order to cover wider area.


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