Different Types Of Jib Cranes For Sale Available Online

The jib cranes are a vital part of many industry sectors today. Especially those involved in the construction business are familiar with the jib cranes and the many benefits these machines can bring to their businesses. A typical jib crane has a pillar fixed on a wall or mounted on a floor, which supports a horizontal jib with a movable hoist. The hoist is able to rotate and is used to lift and lower loads with the help of the drum and chains or ropes. That drum can be driven pneumatically or electrically, and is operated manually.

The jib cranes for sale offer many benefits to the construction business. They take up little space and are exceptionally functional and efficient, as they provide quick loading and unloading of heavy objects making daily lifting operations simple tasks. This is also why the jib cranes are very versatile, as they can be used for many lifting operations and handling materials. All jib cranes for sale are strong and come with great load and lifting capacity.

There are three main types of jib cranes for sale: wall-mounted jib cranes (fixed), wall-mounted jib cranes (traveling) and floor-mounted cranes.


Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes (Fixed)

These jib cranes for sale are mounted on the wall horizontally and are fixed with reinforced concrete column. They use a similar hoist mechanism to the floor-mounted jib cranes, only without a vertical boom. The reinforced concrete column allows a rotation up to 200 degrees and covers the near area without obstruction at floor level.

Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes (Traveling)

The wall-mounted jib cranes (traveling) are very similar to the fixed jib cranes for sale, with only one difference – these cranes are able to cover the near area of building concrete columns in length without obstruction at floor level. The concrete columns of these jib cranes are specifically designed and instead of rotating, they move along a track suspended along building columns.

Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes

The most common type of jib cranes are the floor-mounted jib cranes. These are self-supporting jib cranes and have a vertical mast mounted on a concrete foundation. Usually, the floor-mounted jib cranes are used for sharing the load of main cranes.

All three types of jib cranes are widely available online by many online suppliers. One reputable and reliable online supplier is Machines4u, an online marketplace that disposes with a wide range of jib cranes for sale. If you are looking to make an online purchase, make sure you check out the jib cranes for sale on www.machines4u.com.au.

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