Hedge Trimmer: Mighty Tool for Your Hedges

When gardening makes its way in your life as one of your favourite pastime activities, you learn as much about yourself as you do about the different plants, their needs, the conditions they thrive in, as well as the conditions they certainly don’t make it through. Another thing you learn is how to rely on a number of tools to carry out the gardening chores with ease.

Unless you want to spend a much bigger amount of time and effort dealing with trimming, you’re going to resort to the perfect hedge trimmer. Nowadays, it won’t be much of a difficult mission to find the affordable and high quality tool as there are great options of hedge trimmer sales, but if you want to make the most of this purchase, it’s good to know a thing or two about the tool itself.

hedge trimmer

Same as the chainsaws, the hedge trimmers can be found in two types: electric and gas powered. The electric, given that it’s connected to electricity and doesn’t have an engine, is lightweight which means it’s easier to be carried and manoeuvred, something people new to the use of this tool would find very useful. Not only do they weigh less, they also produce much less noise, so if you live in a densely populated area, this is an ideal option.

Another thing to know about the electric hedge trimmers is there are two subtypes: the corded and the cordless (battery powered). Choosing at hedge trimmer sales from these two would come down to would you prefer more mobility, or would you rather go for the corded variant that can work longer than the battery powered. Bear in mind, though, electric hedge trimmers are good with easier trimming jobs, otherwise they prove to be slower with tougher tasks.

Tougher tasks are what the gas powered hedge trimmers were built for, as their mechanism weighs more so you’d be able to trim those large and thick hedges in no time. It’s advisable to use this power tool only after you’ve become used to manoeuvring the lightweight electric trimmer. Then again, your purchase also depends on the sort of hedges you have around.

Aspects to consider are the types of hedges you need this tool for, their thickness, accessibility, and height. The less accessible, and the higher your hedges, the longer the trimmer, as opposed to hedges in tight spaces. The thickness also refers to the choice you’d make on the blade type; the thicker the hedges, the less blade gap between the blade teeth you’re going to require.

Whichever option you go for, make sure you read into its instructions carefully, do a bit of practice to get used to using it, and don’t forget to do a bit of maintenance so you prolong its lifespan.

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