Travel In Style: Ladies Travel Bags You Must Own

Weekend getaways are perfect opportunity to escape the busy schedule of the everyday life. Sometimes, all we need is 72 hours of peace, comfort and pleasure. And this is what short-distance trips are made for – to revive the spirit, recharge the batteries to be able to get back to everyday life with full force and energy.

But, this does not mean that you have to forget about fashion and style when having your days off. Remember, a real lady looks alluring wherever she is, even when going to the grocery store. To ensure your up-to-the-minute look on the weekend getaway, what you cannot leave your home without is a stylish weekender bag.

Weekender, as the name implies it, is designed for fitting 2-3 changes of clothes, makeup and other personal hygiene and grooming essentials, and nothing much else really. The bag is designed for weekend gateways and business trips, however, it is perfect as a beach or gym bag. Check out our top picks that we’ll have you travel in style. You can get these ladies travel bags online.


This is a sophisticated tote with a fascinating design that will certainly make you even more enthusiastic about your traveling. The unique shape of the Chia handbag will make you fall in love with it instantaneously. Another great thing about it is its flexibility. Being completely customizable, you can choose your colour and pattern. Simply put, choices are unlimited!



The so-called ‘haul-it-all duffle bag’ is specially designed for trip adventures and it is the best companion of girls on the go. Be more than ensured that you will be extremely satisfied to invest in this expandable cotton canvas that features plenty of pockets to place all of the essentials, from lipstick and moisturizer, to keys, mobile phone charger and wipes.



First, let me tell you, the ‘weekender’ bag is probably the bag you have been waiting for all these years. It is a spaciously sized ladies travel bag that will give you an ample room for all your get-out-of town essentials. What a ‘weekender bag’ stands for is ‘fashion-meets-function at its best’.


If you still do not know where to start your quest for the ideal travel bag, look for ladies travel bags online. This is actually a great way to save on money and time, especially when you are short on both. Start your quest for perfect ladies travel bags online.


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