Combat Garden Clutter with These Easy Tips

Comfortably seated in a hammock with a book or a cup of coffee in your hand, admiring the view of your yard…sounds like the perfect Zen moment, doesn’t it? Except that you have a disorganized, cluttered backyard that isn’t quite the perfect spot for relaxing and letting your mind and eyes wander.

Clutter affects your brain negatively mainly because more mess means more stress! But garden serenity and tranquillity can be achieved as long as you keep it simple and organized following these tips.

Invest in a Garden Shed

Storage sheds can help you keep things organized as they let you store items securely locked under one roof and protect them from weather elements like moisture, heat and rust. So, instead of just leaving things around in random places in the yard, you can place everything inside. These may include entertainment supplies like seasonal decorations, gardening tools, equipment, patio furniture or bicycles when you’re done using them.

Many people find buying ready-to-install storage sheds a less expensive and hassle-free experience than building one from scratch. Timber, metal, and aluminium backyard sheds with different types of roofs are all available on the market. Outdoor sheds made of high-tensile steel are a great option because the material has a lower environmental impact and costs less compared to other shed materials. As for the size, 3×3 shed which is not too big nor too small, will likely accommodate many things without taking up too much space in your yard. You can further customize the garden storage shed with shelving, skylight, ventilation systems, wooden flooring, and other extras to suit your storage needs.

Organize a Yard Sale

Even storage sheds that are intended to keep things organized can easily become a clutter trap themselves if overcrowded with many things you don’t actually need or use. So, if you have a bunch of junk just sitting around, consider organizing a yard sale. Let people know about it by putting up signs and arrows (Canva is a great graphic design platform that lets you create slick flyers and online advertisements). Create an event on FB and list your event on as many garage sale websites as possible, like Gazza’s Garage Sales or Garage Sales. You can also Tweet and Instagram about the sale’s details.

Organize all the stuff for sale in boxes and group them by category. When it comes to pricing, be reasonable – the Goldilocks Rule is a great one to follow (not too high, not too low, price things ‘just right’). Head over to other garage sales before your event to see how things are priced there or simply browse online to check how similar items are priced on eBay.

If done right, you’ll be amazed at how much outdoor and shed space you’ll have cleared up just by selling or donating things that you no longer need.

Regularly Maintain Your Garden

Weeds, broken branches, old stems of dead plants, and trees that serve no purpose – this is not quite the garden that’s a feast for your senses. If not maintained properly, all the plants and weeds will take over and the lush greenery will simply turn to chaos which is a huge turn-off and can further add to the clutter.

Therefore, try to keep it neat and tidy (this will likely depend on how much you love gardening and how much free time you have on your hands). Stock up on some quality gardening power tools and start with regular mowing, trimming, weeding and mulching. Mow at least once every one to two weeks, make sure to eliminate broadleaf weeds once they’ve sprouted and water 2-3 times in the week in the early morning to keep your lawn looking tip-top. Plant fragrant flowers and herbs like lavender, rosemary, roses, and jasmine for a daily dose of stress-busting aromatherapy, but plant them not too close to each other so that they overpower one another.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough gardening and landscaping yourself, look for professional help from landscapers and gardeners. If you have trees as part of your garden decor, arborists can evaluate them for their health and type, so they can be treated, protected or removed properly if needed.

Finally, sit back and admire the beauty of the clutter-free garden you have created.

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